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I just read this for the second time in anticipation of the next book, White Hot, coming out on May 30th. We are EXTREMELY excited about this new release and are all huge fangirls of anything Ilona Andrews writes.

This is an urban fantasy set in Houston. The setting is present time but we’re in an alternate reality, where science discovered a “serum” in the late 1800s that could bring out a person’s latent magic abilities. So now some people can control animals, water, fire, are telekinetic, illusionists, all kinds of various things. The stronger your magic, the wealthier and more powerful in society you are. The rich, notable families marry for genetics.

Our main girl, Nevada Baylor, is a barely-getting-by private investigator who has what she thinks is minor magic. Her company is family run, but owned by a more powerful company who forces her into a seemingly impossible job.

She ends up being (to her dismay) partnered with Mad Rogan, a loose cannon with past military experience and head of a powerful magical House. He’s a Prime, which means he is rated highest in his magical type – and he also might be slightly psychotic. But he’s sexy and of course, Nevada is drawn to him right away (and he to her). But they’re both hot and unattached, so who can blame them?

I think I finally found my casting choice for Mad Rogan.

Rogan and Nevada.

This isn’t a paranormal romance, but it has strong romantic currents sprinkled throughout. There is fun bantering, and it’s kind of a hate-to-love, slow burn relationship. Don’t be expecting a fully realized romance by the end of this book. But that’s a good thing, in my view.

I think Ilona Andrews proves they get better and better. They are at the top of their game when it comes to world-building and writing action scenes.

Rating: FIVE You-Couldn’t-Handle-My-Snake STARS!

New observations on my second read: I liked Rogan a whole lot more. He’s fun, cocky, arrogant, but redeemable and there is more going on than he shows to people. You just know Nevada is going to slowly peel him apart. He thinks it’s all physical, but he is going to fall head over heels by the end.

Grandma Frida is awesome. I hope I’m like her when I grow up.

I love this world. There is so much potential. It’s different from the Kate Daniels series, but there is plenty of new magic ideas and creatures to play with. Most of the magic users are humans who either used the serum or inherited abilities from their parents, but there are also humans who got mutated by magic and are more like sci-fi monsters.

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

  1. Just finished this. I loved it!


    1. Yes! Glad you loved it too! 🙂 – Shelly

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      1. Just finished White Hot last night. Wow!

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  2. So far, I have not met an Ilona Andrews book that I didn’t like!

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    1. Exactly. They are just the best urban fantasy, hands down. – Shelly

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