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Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh (May 5, 2017)


First in a new series by the author of The Wrath and the Dawn, it looks like this has one of my favorite tropes. The one where the main character cross-dresses, or pretends to be the opposite sex. Kind of a Mulan thing? I totally dig it and really want to read this one!


White Hot by Ilona Andrews (May 30, 2017)


I know TONS of people who are itching to get a hold of this one, including me! The second book continues Nevada and Mad Rogan’s story, I can’t wait! A lot of friends have been lucky enough to get their little paws on ARCs and they have nothing but good things to say. Considering we’re talking about an Ilona Andrews book, I am not surprised.


The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey (May 2, 2017)


So excited for this one. I loved The Girl with all the Gifts and can’t wait to read this follow up. It appears there are new characters and this one is a prequel!


The Queen and the Cure by Amy Harmon (May 9, 2017)


I adored The Bird and the Sword and have this on my Kindle ready to go. I love this world, and the writing and story swept me away. I must read this follow-up that centers on Kjell very soon!


City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett (May 4, 2017)

The last book in The Divine Cities trilogy.

Spectacle by Rachel Vincent (May 30, 2017)

The sequel to Menagerie.

Spellslinger by Sebastian de Castell (May 4, 2017)

The first in a new Young Adult series by the author of the Greatcoats series.

“There are three things that earn you a man’s name among the Jan’Tep. The first is to demonstrate the strength to defend your family. The second is to prove you can perform the high magic that defines our people. The third is surviving your fourteenth year. I was a few weeks shy of my birthday when I learned that I wouldn’t be doing any of those things.”

What books are you looking forward to reading in May – or later this year??? 🙂

Until next time…


One thought on “May Book Releases

  1. Christy Luis says:

    Great list! Several of these caught my eye, but esp. Spellslinger because I have yet to experience the awesomeness that is Sebastien de Castell 🙂 Veronica Rossi’s Seeker (Riders #2) is probably my most highly anticipated release this month.


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