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They had some exciting details to share in their latest post.


Almost everything they write is absolutely amazing! If you haven’t read Burn for Me, the first book in their newest series, you should, you really really should as in you should drop everything you’re doing and read it right now. It’s that good. Shelly wrote a great review about it here. If you have read it, then you’ll be happy to know another Mad Rogan POV from Burn for Me was just released.

In other Ilona Andrews news, the Hidden Legacy series may be extended past 3 books!!! I want as much Mad Rogan as I can get and 3 books probably won’t be enough to feed my addiction.


Ever since I read Gunmetal Magic years ago, I’ve been dying to get a book about Roman. He’s a unique and funny character. Apparently they’re planning on writing a trilogy in the next couple of years.

Last but most certainly not least, if all goes well we’ll be getting our hands on the Hugh d’Ambray novel in the fall.

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