Freaky Friday: Just Say Yes…………To Alien Romance

Good evening poppets! As part of our mission to be an oh so informative book blog, we have decided to create a Freaky theme to our Friday posts. Every Friday stop on by for a new blog about something “freaky”. Topics will range from alien romances to monster smut to dark and dirty romances. But don’t be too surprised if other weird things pop up too. If you are one of those people where these topics sound terrifying, we hope that you’ll still check out these posts. We promise to not be too judgmental, and maybe we will convince you to try something new. If you think these topics sound awesome, well then congratulations!! You have found your people. So now without further ado, I present our first Freaky Friday post.


It is no secret that I love me some alien romances. I get a little itchy when it has been too long between series. Last weekend I was book shopping with a friend. She had the audacity to ask me, “Well, why do you read alien romance then?” I ended up giving her a very unconvincing argument. But it really got me thinking about why do I love this genre so much. Here are my top 5 legitimate reasons for loving alien romances, and why you should too.

5.) CREATIVITY– Now it is true that alien romances are extremely tropey. OKAY, they really only have two tropes. No alien women! Whether it is due to war, disease, or DNA that a 1000 years of evolution can’t fix, there is a universe full of male aliens just waiting to get laid.


And uncontrollable Insta-Love caused by either DNA or a symbiotic being. But tropes aside, alien romance opens a whole universe of other possibilities. Authors can explore such thrilling details like cat eyes, glowing tattoos, and whether the skin should be florescent purple or soft like suede. Why settle for yet another romance set in New York City, when you could have one set on a planet where all of the plants are red? Or where 90% of the surface is water? Where plants evolved to be sentient beings? It provides a limitless number of possibilities, of dangers to be overcome.

4. SCIENCE – Okay, so either you are one of those people that find science fun, or you aren’t. But come on guys, Science is fun!!


Or at least this kind of science is fun. If you have ever wondered about all the different ways the male anatomy could have evolved……alien romance is the genre for you. Plus it is neat learning about the different kinds of stars. Or the differences between a wormhole and a black hole. You get to learn something while getting your smut on. Why would that not interest you?

3. NERD REFERENCES – I’m currently reading a romance (not alien) and the author casually referenced two male names like I should have automatically known who they were. Alas, I did not. When I looked them up, I realized that they were on a popular but boring to me TV show. If this has ever happened to you, then most likely alien romance is for you. No other genre is going to drop casual references like the planet Hoth, daleks, or Starfleet.


2. DISTANCE – One of the most important reasons why you should give alien romance a try is because it provides an emotional distance from the bad. Every story has to have a villain. It is easier to read and process a story about a woman who is kidnapped and sold into sex slavery if the villain is a walking basketball on a stick. It is easier to deal with the darker side of life when it is set in an obviously fictional setting. The reader can safely contemplate what s/he would do if put in that situation without realizing that it could really happen. It can be safer to face those fears when you don’t have to worry about turning on the news to see that the person down the street has been abducted by aliens.


1. FUN – Honestly, the ultimate reason why you should just read alien romance already is because it is fun. No where else will you get to laugh as the character is molested by a massaging bed because she pushed the wrong button. Or had a furry rug in the bathroom try to clean her. Or discover that the alien food that looked like wriggling worms actually tasted like chocolate. Since this is a genre without strict rules, anything goes. Which is often a delightful way to spend a few hours.


The best thing to ever happen to the alien romance genre is a little creation that I like to call Kindle Unlimited. This beautiful service provides an almost endless supply of alien romances. Unfortunately, a lot of it is a giant waste of time. And reading the wrong book for your first attempt in this genre could ruin the whole thing for you. To steer you on the right path, here are just a few of my favorites.

5. Dark Planet Warriors – Actually a serial, each story is less than 100 pages. So you wouldn’t have to invest a lot of time to try it out. I would highly recommend this series to someone new to the game. The story focused heavily on developing a relationship between two, and less on jumping straight into bed. I also liked that it didn’t have the “We Need Women” trope.

4. Alien Mate Index – This full length novel actually reads more like a paranormal romance than an alien romance. You can expect a fully developed story line, and relationship. This also does not have the “We Need Women” trope. But human women are rare, so in this book Zoe is kidnapped to be auctioned off to a collector. Naturally on the way to the auction there is trouble with the ship, and all kinds of shenanigans occur. The best part of the story are the nib-nibs. Zoe saves 3 adorable tiny monkey like creatures from becoming her snack, so they adore her. Her trio of pets goes everywhere with her, and add another level of depth to the story.

3. Brides of the Kindred – Written by the same author as Alien Mate Index, this is the only series on my list that has the “We Need Women” trope. I don’t mind it as much because of the science. The Kindred are considered to be genetic traders. The males are fierce warriors that basically go around the universe saving planets. In exchange, all they ask is for new DNA for their bloodline. Unlike a lot of stories, the Kindred predominantly take after the female side of their heritage. Therefore, Brothers are unrecognizable as siblings. This allows for there to be more variety throughout the series.

2. Ice Planet Barbarians – This is the most controversial part of my post. Ice Planet Barbarians is hands down the most popular alien romance currently written, and it will shock people to see that is #2 on my list. The first series I read that I truly loved, it has become the standard on which I judge all alien romances against. It is impossible to not read this series without falling in love with one of those gorgeous blue aliens.

1. Galactic Gladiators – Currently my absolute favorite alien romance series, I don’t want to post too much about this. The fifth book in the series recently came out, and I hope to write an entire post dedicated to this series once I’ve read it. But I will say that before I found alien romances, I spent a long time searching for good gladiator historical romances. I never found any that were half as good as this series. It is wonderful blend of science fiction and ancient Rome. And the best part, the women are fierce. Not one just rolls over and gives up when they discover they are stuck another planet. A few even fight regularly in games.

Well, I hope that I have convinced you to try a vastly under appreciated genre. While there are a lot of bad examples out there, there are also some really great stories. So give one of these a try the next time you are in the mood for something new. Or if you are like me, and it has been too long since you last read some alien loving.

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