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There are always those books that everyone raves about. They’ll have high ratings on all the popular book sites. Your goodreads feed will be flooded with positive reviews from people whose opinions often align with yours. So you finally read it just to discover that it really sucks.

It’ll be too wordy, poorly edited, use every ridiculous trope in existence, or have the most annoying characters, etc., and everyone you know will love it.

How is it that I can read the same book as everyone else but have a completely different take on it? Is it me? Life experiences and mood can influence how we interpret what we read. It still baffles me that the same piece of literature can be viewed so differently from one person to the next. It’s the worst when I can’t stand a book and everyone else loves it. I feel like I missed out on something great. And it’s no fun when I want to rant about it, and there isn’t anyone else to commiserate with me. Sometimes I think I’m too critical or picky. Maybe it’s not me, it’s you.

These aren’t mainstream books, but they’re generally popular among the people reading them. Just because they’re indie doesn’t mean it’s only some random groupies reading them either. Some of these have tens of thousands of ratings on goodreads. Here are some of the indie books I either strongly disliked or passionately hated that most people loved:



4 thoughts on “Everyone Loved It but Me: Indie Edition

  1. Christy Luis says:

    I hear ya–I didn’t love Angelfall, either, although I understand why others did. You’re not alone! 😂 I’m impressed that you’ve read so much indie! Do you know any good reviewers of Indie fiction that I can follow on Goodreads or blogs?


  2. I’m not sure who to recommend to follow for indie reviewers. There are a lot of them out there, but it also depends on what kind of indie fiction you are looking for. You can always follow me on goodreads if you want at Quite a few of my friends on there read indie fiction too. You should look for reviews of indie authors you like on goodreads and wordpress. Check out their pages and follow them if they seem to be into the same stuff you are.


  3. TIjuana says:

    Great post! I’m actually listening to Until The Sun Falls From The Sky again, thinking maybe I didn’t give it fair shot. LOL.


    1. Thanks! Good luck with the reread. I’ve tried to reread books I’ve hated and only ended up hating them more.


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