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The Soul Eater series by Pippa DaCosta. The main character is Ace, a recovering addict. His addiction? Eating souls. He’s thousands of years old and a private investigator bound to a demon sorceress named Shukra. He was married to Bastet, Goddess of Cats (and fertility and childbirth). That didn’t work out so well and now he’s the God Osiris’ slave, cursed by him for 500 years. Osiris usually leaves him alone, but occasionally calls on him to do something despicable. Ace is an anti-hero, a “gray” character who saves the innocent, but also has his own set of morals (or lack thereof). Each book has a separate mystery to be solved, but it’s also very much a story of Ace’s evolution as a man and immortal being.

My review on Hidden Blade is here. My review on Witches’ Bane is hereThe fourth book, Scorpion Trap, comes out June 19, 2017.

The Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda BouchetThis is a fun fantasy romance trilogy involving Olympian Gods and magic. The men are one thousand percent swoon-worthy and the heroine kicks ass and is feisty. It’s heavier on romance than fantasy and I had a few issues with some of the drama and tropes, but overall, I have been enjoying it quite a bit!

My review on A Promise of Fire is here and my review on Breath of Fire is here. The third book, Heart on Fire, is due out on January 2, 2018.

White Hot, book two in the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews. This book was just released yesterday! It feels like I have been waiting to read this for ages. I finished it tonight and let me tell you, it is amazing and even better than the first one! It’s incredibly well-written urban fantasy with a strong female lead and sexy leading man. There is more romance in this one, but not quite as much as the cover would have you believe. 😉




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