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Holy Batman, guys, this was flipping awesomesauce! I went to see it with a co-worker today. We both laughed, we both cried. It was everything I hoped it would be – and so much more.

If you’ve been interested and paying attention, you’ll know it’s very much an “origin” story and the setting is WWI in the early 1900s. We get to see where Wonder Woman comes from (and those Amazon women will give you the chills, for realz though).

I’ll tell you this: Robin Wright (General Antiope) and Connie Nielson (Queen Hippolyta) OWNED it.

Chris Pine was PERFECT as Steve Trevor. He is a great actor and brought a level of comedy to the movie I did not expect (but should have considering his other roles). I thought he and Gal Gadot had good chemistry and their burgeoning love was a treat to watch unfold.

Gal Gadot. I have to say, I did not know if she would be able to carry the movie, but she nailed it. I loved the innocence and “fish out of water” quality she brought to the part. It was a much more emotional portrayal than I ever expected.

I will mention one small scene that is not a spoiler in any way. Steve Trevor has brought Diana out of the island of Themyscira and to London. He buys her an ice cream cone, she starts to eat it (and obviously loves it), and says to the vendor, “You should be so proud.”

Everything in our world is new to her and it provides comedy and an emotional depth you don’t expect. In another scene, she spots a baby and starts to rush over to lavish praise and love on it before Steve has to reign her in and keep her focused on their goal.

It’s these little things… she comes from a utopia where life is revered and violence is unheard of (even though they train relentlessly in preparation to fight evil). Her innocence and genuine motivations to save humankind, well, frankly, it inspired me much more than most of the other superheroes have done in their respective movies. The message of love and sacredness of life is one we need to see more of!

David Thewlis was great as Sir Patrick Morgan and I loved the little rag-tag of misfits Steve and Diana recruited to help them.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about it. I am thrilled it had a female director, Patty Jenkins. The movie had the biggest domestic opening of all-time for a female director! Yes, women CAN direct good superhero movies!

This has got me way more excited about Justice League than Batman V Superman did.


Oh, props to Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, Steve’s secretary. She stole every scene she was in.




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