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The Red Lily is book two in the Vampire Blood series by Juliette Cross. The kingdoms are ruled by the dark and powerful Varis vampire family. One of the royals is pulling the strings and powering the soldiers with a blood madness, called sanguine furorem, giving them extra strength and an indiscriminate urge to murder innocents.

The Black Lily is the resistance, made up mostly of humans and a few powerful vampire allies. Book one, The Black Lily, focused on Prince Marius and the human leader of the resistance, Arabelle. This book focuses on a Legionnaire named Nikolai and the Red Witch of the Woods, Sienna.

Sienna lives in Silvane Forest, a mysterious place where the enchanted hart wolves live. The hart stone is the mystical force providing magic in the area for millennia. This is loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. Sienna has red hair and a red cape and her grandmother was her mentor who transferred her wealth of knowledge to Sienna.

This is very much a fantasy romance. I found Nikolai and Sienna to be a tender and passionate couple. There was not very much angst and denial between them, as they knew they were attracted to each other at first sight (and we know of their original flirtation and chemistry from reading book one).

There are plenty of swoon-worthy and steamy scenes. Nikolai really knows how to treat a lady.

The bulk of the action comes toward the end and I won’t spoil it for you, but there are plenty of surprises – and some of them much darker than we have yet seen. We find out more about the hart wolves and the hart stone. There are plenty of hints and threads for hopefully more books to come. I have heard that the next one is a Snow White re-telling and I can’t WAIT to find out who the next vampire is. I am hoping it’s Friedrich, as his roguish flirty demeanor is one I love in romance heroes!

I highly recommend this for vampire romance fans. It has a nice mix of girl power, sexy men, and light fantasy elements.

The Red Lily will be released on Monday, June 19, 2017.

Now, my casting choices for the males (so far):




(Notice that I didn’t cast any of the females because, um, I am only fantasizing MYSELF in those roles! I want these vampires all to myself! hehe)

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