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Kady had serious mental issues. Most of the people in her life did not seem like good people. Yeo and Kady loved each other but hadn’t been together since he left for college. Yeo came back and was determined that they’d be together again. They loved each other, but I never got to see why they developed feelings for each other. They never clicked as a couple for me. I didn’t understand why they loved each other so intensely.

Then it got kinda weird. Yeo was trying to be her protector and drive away all the bad people in her life. His role of boyfriend had a strong paternalistic feel to it. Yeo had relationships with all of the weird people in Kady’s life, some of them very close. Then a love triangle was thrown into the story but not the usual kind. It was like there were three people in a relationship, but the three of them were never together at the same time. The whole situation was incredibly bizarre.

About half way through there was a major plot twist. It completely flipped everything upside down. Many of the odd things going on made sense in hindsight. The book took an entirely different direction after that. The romance was no longer an issue. The solution to the reveal was overly romanticized. Love doesn’t make serious problems go away. It just doesn’t. Life is not that simple. The problem was resolved way too quickly as well. It was hard for me to get engaged in the story, but if the ending had been portrayed more realistically, I would have given it a higher rating. I’m sure plenty of dark romance lovers will like this, but it didn’t work for me.

Rating: 2 stars


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