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We were nominated by the AWESOME Frankie Lovely. Please stop by and give her some love and a shout-out! She writes wonderful reviews and has a great sense of humor and is just generally all-around pretty freaking cool!

But oh no! Does that mean this blog has to be super entertaining? The pressure! We’re not going to worry about it and just fake it ’til we make it!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Add these rules to your post.
  • Answer all the questions below.
  • Display the award picture in your post.
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!



There are actually five of us and we belong to a group at Goodreads called Dust Off Your MacHalo, It’s Time for Another Buddy Read. That group was formed in the fall of 2014 because a bunch of people wanted to re-read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. After the re-read was over, we just decided the lurve had to live on, and the group has expanded to lusting over hot men, discussing movies and TV, reading Chuck Tingle (and other weird erotica), and then the boring typical stuff like urban and paranormal fantasy and romance.

Fast forward to about April 2017 and we finally decided to create a blog. We blog about our buddy reads, favorite authors, books, freakishness, and other miscellaneous stuff.


Wow, this isn’t a tough question or anything. Since it’s not just about one person here, we’ll try to list some books and authors that we ALL more or less enjoy. (Shelly wanted to list a bunch of Young Adult fantasy, but since she’s responding for the group, she decided to rein herself in and be fair. She doesn’t always talk about herself in the third person, this is an exception. Shhh, don’t argue guys…) (And I would second Shelly’s love for some books in the fantasy realm of the genre that will not be named!-Sam)




We love pretty much ANYTHING by Ilona Andrews. Anything.


(I found that pic at Books to Breathe and wanted to give credit since it looked like they made the pic at PicMonkey). But we all love Ashleigh Zavarelli!



Even though I think the five of us would have different books listed, I think those are some we can pretty much all agree on.



Shelly: Stupid people, stupid drivers, mayonnaise, The Big Misunderstanding in romances, when they slice bagels wrong and one side is tiny and other half is humongous.

Abby: I second Shelly’s stupid people, and add inconsiderate ones. I mean really people, if I can keep thoughts in my head, you should be able to too. I hate mushrooms, weak beer, and shakes that taste like fish. I hate cliff hangers and books that try too hard.

Sam: Folding laundry, intolerance, whiny characters, TV commercials, instalove/love triangles, driving over narrow bridges.

Kira: People who don’t care about other people, ignorance, elitism, greed, coffee, peanut butter, doing dishes, getting up before 8AM, flying, love triangles.

Casey: Oh my, so many things would make my list in this topic but I’ll abbreviate my extensive list to the ones that really fire me up. Intolerance is probably my number one. Followed immediately by willfully ignorant people. Other than that, I second the hate for laundry and driving on bridges (narrow or otherwise). Oh and ants are my nemesis.



Shelly: Chick-fil-A. Also, this:


Abby: Am I being good? If I am, I stick with iced coffees and Italian sodas. If I’m not, I really miss soft pretzels.

Sam: Mall food, huh? Well, once upon a time we had an ice cream shop in our little local mall (that no longer exists) and they did those old fashioned dipped ice cream bars. You know, like this…

Image result for old fashioned dipped ice cream bars

Mmmmm, so good….

Kira: I barely ever go to malls. Is hanging out in malls still a thing? I don’t even know what my local mall has for food. The last time I ate in a mall it was at a Red Robin. I love their chicken ensenada. It comes with salad but I always snag some of my kids fries.

Casey: Hmmm… well… I don’t actually go to the mall if I can avoid it. Too many people, I’m not a fan. If I have to choose something then it would probably be Panera? Or coffee. Can coffee count?


Shelly: Um, reading. (I’m so predictable.) But I also like collecting gemstones (like crystals, amethyst, lapis lazuli, etc.) and coins. I have tons of foreign coins that I picked up from waitressing in NYC and being deployed to Kuwait.

Abby: I’ll try to not state the obvious. Mostly I hang out with my dog and watch Netflix. Oh wait, that’s predictable. I like to hang out with friends over a pint? Dang it, cliched. Playing on my phone? I’m so boring. I do nothing unique and creative. My most surprising hobby is probably that I fly fish. People don’t expect that one for some reason.

Sam: Bleh, I am so, so boring I’m not even kidding. Um, hanging out with my husband and teenagers? My husband and I met while playing adult co-ed softball (though we no longer play, the ball field will always be in my blood!) so there’s that. I love playing video games. Usually if I’m not reading or doing family stuff or doing school stuff that’s what I’m doing. We’ve also started playing some GURPs and DnD. Like a huge nerd.

Kira: I lead the most boring life ever. Reading is my #1 past time. Look at my goodreads page, clearly I read way too much. I have an obsession with politics, so I watch/read the news. Aside from that I listen to music and binge watch shows on netflix.

Casey: Ha! Past Time/Hobby that’s funny. Once upon a time I loved playing soccer but now I coach for one of my littles. I’ve always loved traveling so when the mister and I can get away for a quick weekend we do. Mostly I read. Such an obvious answer. Sorry.


We Nominate (it’s not a dozen, but it’ll have to do):


Bionic Book Worm


Susan Trombley’s blog

Book Cupidity


How Useful It Is

3 thoughts on “We’ve Been Nominated – The Entertainer Blogger Award

  1. Oh pshhhh your blog is crazy entertaining … that gif though XD

    Thank you so much for your kind words omg ❤ ❤

    ok so … bridges are the worst … not going to lie. I just moved away from FL (aka the land of death bridges) and I'm so happy I don't have those terrifying high bridge monsters to whisper "just follow the lines" as I drive over them, frozen in fear!

    But urm … now Im in the mountains and there are scary cliffs where the road is just barely grasping actual ground … so there's that.

    I love yall's answers! The "what you hate most" are hilarious!

    Also gemstone collecting was something I always enjoyed as well! Now my daughter is really into it too! Coral specimens also. They are just so interesting and beautiful.

    Great answers guys! Love it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I grew up in FL and never really got used to them. I mean, i could deal. But that point where you’re about to go over and can’t really see the other side and that there is actually the rest connected to it… lol. That’s awesome you also like gemstone collecting! And that your daughter likes it too. Thanks Frankie! ❤ – Shelly


  3. Thanks so much for the nomination! I’ll add that to my list of tags and awards I need to get to and hopefully will soon! 😂


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