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Let’s be real here folks: most people are weird. We all have our quirks that make us different  and unique.  Basically, we can all be special snowflakes at times.

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For me, it’s that I eat popcorn one piece at a time. Like multiple bites for one piece of popcorn. You see, I eat all the crunchy, kernelly stuff first and leave the fluffy white center for last. It is so incredibly satisfying. I just never knew it was weird until this girl, who my parents made me invite over because she was bullied on my bus, pointed it out. She laughed and laughed (in a malicious way) and kept telling me how ridiculous it was. She made me feel bad and self conscious for eating something that I love in the way that I love to eat it.

Needless to say, I never invited her over again because, as it turns out, she was actually just a bitch. After that, I became very aware of my weird popcorn eating habit and it has since been pointed out multiple times as strange. But you know what? I’m okay with it. I have always eaten popcorn this way, and I will always eat popcorn this way. Suck it Nicole! So with this segment, we thought we’d showcase our wonderful weirdness, our eclectic eccentricities, our strangely special speshulness. Wear it loud and proud people!


Shelly – so, I also eat popcorn, but I’m a “shoveler.” I just cram a handful in and go to town. But, I’m not claiming that as my weird stuff ‘cuz there are plenty of shovelers out there, right? What’s weird about me? Well, I consider my entire personality as fairly weird, but since I’m a “high-functioning weirdo,” I won’t count that either. My list of weird-ish stuff:

  • I have to sleep with the closet door shut.
  • I can’t sleep if my arm, hand, or leg is dangling off the bed. The monsters might get it unless it is fully in the “safe zone,” which is ON the bed. But, I will sleep fine if one foot is sticking out from the covers – as long as it’s ON the bed.
  • I almost forgot! No list of mine could be complete without mentioning my trypophobia.


  • I check to make sure the doors are locked and the oven is off before bed… more than once.
  • I always pick the chalaza part of the egg out before frying them. It gives me the creeps. Irrational, I know.

Sam- Aside from the weird way I eat popcorn, I have a few other weird food related issues (plus some other things that may or may not strike you as weird.) Here it goes:

  • I can never, under any circumstances, put a piece of fat, gristle, or whatever you want to call it in my mouth. If I get a grilled chicken sandwich, you better believe that chicken is coming off the bun and going under the knife to ensure there’s no gristly grossness waiting for me. Same with a steak or pork or any other meat for that matter. That meat has to be trim before it goes in my mouth.

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  • I don’t like to eat food that I can’t see. Growing up I wouldn’t even eat chili dogs because the chili covered the hot dog. Every sandwich, wrap, whatever, gets opened and inspected.
  • The absolute most comfortable position for me to sleep in is diagonally across my bed. My husband hates it.
  • I cry watching almost anything. Seriously. We went to see the animated TMNT when it was released years ago (2007?) and my daughter could not believe that I cried watching it. Hell, I couldn’t believe it myself. However, when it comes to real life stuff I’m pretty stoic.
  • I don’t wear socks. They make my feet feel claustrophobic.
  • I’ve come to prefer non-human/human romances to the boring human/human stuff (of course, you basically can’t be in our group without this being true! it’s practically a requirement).


Abby- Oh my god guys, I actually do several of those! Actually most of them, if you combine both lists. I obviously can’t deny that I’ve found my people. Well I guess that I must be extra weird because not only do I do most of the above, I have even more weird habits.

  • I like to save the center of baby carrots for last. I eat the outside first. Kind of like corn on the cob. I feel as though this gives me 2 carrots for 1.
  • I check the back seat of any vehicle for ax murders before getting in. Even if I sit in the back seat. It’s just instinct. Luckily, it has kept me safe so far.
  • I can’t worship the porcelain god. Doesn’t matter how drunk or sick I am. My brain starts thinking about everything else that happens there and it gets ugly real fast. I have a special lined trash can under my bathroom sink for such emergencies.
  • I have to have my volume on a multiple of 5. No matter what, if its too loud or too quiet, the dial only moves in multiples of 5. If someone else has the remote, and I see they didn’t follow my rule. I will get up and fix it. They claim it doesn’t matter because I can’t see it, but I know. I KNOW!!!
  • When I hold a drink with a label, I hold it with the label out. I’m a walking commercial. I should be getting paid for this service. I wonder who I could contact about this.


Kira- I’m weird but hide it well. Those closest to me know. They’ve told me so. I have some of the same oddities that have already been mentioned. Some of my food habits are unusual.

  • I’m not a fan of condiments, extra toppings, flavorings etc. I like my food plain. No gravy on potatoes or turkey. Nothing but bread with my hot dog. No jelly or butter on my bread. No syrup with my pancakes. Chips have to be the regular kind.
  • Different types of food should not touch on a plate. That’s common with kids but I never grew out of it.
  • Like Abby I have to have the volume be on certain numbers. I’m slightly more flexible though. The numbers have to end on 0, 2, 4, 5, 6, or 8.
  • When I’m sleeping, dresser drawers, closet doors and the bedroom door must be closed. But if a bathroom is connected to the bedroom it can be open.


  • I like to be covered in blankets when I sleep from head to toe except for my nose. Breathing fresh air is a must!
  • All drawers need to be closed at all times. Kitchen cupboards must be closed also. It irks me when I find them open and immediately go to shut them. I’ve come close to yelling at my kids for leaving them open. Then I remind myself that this is stupid and I shouldn’t yell at them because I’m weird.


That’s about it, guys. Do you share any of the same quirks and freakishness we do? Or do you have some we forgot to mention? Leave a comment and share. We really want to hear about it!


10 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Wait a minute…you do what?

  1. Haha, I love it! And yeah, everyone has those ‘weird’ habits 🙂 I totally agree on gristle! I just can’t have it in my mouth or I feel sick and don’t want to eat anymore. Also, I can’t eat anything off a bone.. Makes me feel sick as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right!? It’s so bad! It’s hard watching others eat it too. My kids chow down like they haven’t a care in the world but I’m over there trying not to watch as I build a scrap pile of “inedible” pieces of meat.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel you!! 😀 I do the same and feel really bad sometimes, especially when eating out somewhere! It’s not that I don’t like the food, I really just can’t do it 😀


  2. Omg I don’t have all day to list my weird tendencies but I’ll name a few here:
    – I too eat popcorn one at a time!!
    – I can’t sleep with a window open. Anywhere in the house! That’s how murderers come in
    – I make sure all doors are locked before bed. And check twice
    – I love peanut butter cups and eat the outside of the cup first so it’s mainly peanut butter
    – praying to the porcelain gods is a big NO! That’s just gross! We have a special bucket as well! Then sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!
    – I read the last sentence of a book first. Always.

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    1. It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who eats popcorn one piece at a time! And an open window is definitely how the murderers get in. I think I may go check mine now….

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh my god! You are the first sane person I’ve heard of. I always have to explain why I need a special bucket. And then they get grossed out. It’s so much cleaner!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SO much cleaner! I don’t want my face and hands anywhere near where butts go! 😂


  3. One of things people find the weirdest about me is that I don’t drink carbonated beverages. Not because I don’t like them but, because they hurt my tongue. Then everyone wants an explanation WHY it hurts my tongue and I don’t have a scientific answer for it. My response is usually, “I dunno. It just does.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, my son is the same way! He doesn’t like the way the bubbles feel in his mouth. I thought he was the only weirdo out there like that 😉 -Sam

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