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Wow, you guys! We’ve been nominated for another award. We love the love! We’d like to give a BIG thank you and shout out to Novelties for the nomination and to Okoto Enigma for being the creative mastermind behind it all. When we made the decision at the end of April to start a group blog we had no idea what we were getting into–at least I know I didn’t. But this community of bloggers has been nothing but fantastic. Seriously guys, thank you! We love reading your stories, thoughts, and random musings and sincerely hope that we entertain YOU even half as much as you guys entertain US.

So, without further ado…

Award Rules

  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  5. Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  6. Nominate roughly 10-20 people for this award
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.
  8. Ask your nominees five questions.
  9. Share a link to your best/favorite post that you’ve written

Let’s get shindig started!

First up: Three Things About Me/Us

Sam: Three things, huh? I’m trying to think of some tidbits that I haven’t already written about elsewhere.

  1. Well, I was a teenage mom who dropped out of college to have a baby. I went on the have another child at 21 with the same asshole. It was a rocky start, but I met my current husband 2 years later and he has since adopted our kids.
  2. I have 3 cats: Wendigo, Ender, and Andromeda…. and I’m not even an “animal person.” How the hell does that happen??
  3. I have separation anxiety issues. I cried staying away from home, even as a teenager. It was so, so embarrassing. I’d like to say that I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but  I still live in the town I grew up in and we may honestly never leave.


  1. I love conspiracy theories. I think there is actual merit to a lot of them, like the possibility of a space station on the dark side of the moon, alien abduction, etc.
  2. People’s moods literally have an effect on me to the point where it can make me physically sick if I’m in the same room with them. Maybe that is partly why I am allergic to too much drama in books (and generally am a loner)!
  3. I wish I was a vampire but now I’m getting too old and fat, so any vampire out there probably won’t turn me! *Depression intensifies!* lol

Who is your guilty pleasure author/series? Do you love to hate it or hate to love it?

Shelly: The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Some people only like books 1-5 and there is controversy over Iced. I admit that some are better than others, but I will never stop reading this series and will read any book in this world than KMM publishes! Barrons!

Abby:  My guilty pleasure is Nora Roberts. GASP! I know! But I’ve been reading her stuff forever. It kind of feels like chicken noodle soup for me.

Sam: I am almost without shame when it comes to my reading choices. However, if I HAD to pick a guilty pleasure series/author it would be Mary Balogh’s Bedwyn Saga. I discovered the series shortly after I had my daughter, and let me tell you, they helped me through a rough single mom period.

Kira: My most recent favorite guilty pleasure is anything by A. Zavarelli. She writes dark romances, but they’re so good! Some of the characters aren’t good people, but I find myself rooting for them anyway.

What is the latest book you’ve read that you’ve absolutely hated/loved?

Shelly: I guess I will have to go with Strange the Dreamer. I loved the book and HATED the ending. It really bothered me, but I had adored the book all the way up to that point. :/

Abby:  I currently hate everything. Please help.

Sam: I’m kind of on the same page as Abby. I haven’t hated everything I’ve read, I just haven’t LOVED anything recently, unless you count Ilona Andrew’s Hidden Legacy series, ’cause I’ve LOVED that so far.

Kira: Most things I’ve been reading fall on the side of meh. It was about a month ago but the last book I gave 5 stars to was Scorpion Trap by Pippa DaCosta.

What bothers you in your favourite genre (e.g., love triangles in YA)

Shelly: My biggest pet peeve is The Big Misunderstanding in romance, which inevitably leads to angst and unnecessary drama. Usually, you can throw in some good ‘ol pining and self-loathing, since The Big Misunderstanding means we will have to hear inner dialoguing that almost always seems to include those things. I DESPISE it. Truly.

Abby: I hate the hidden identity trope. It always lasts way too long. Who falls in love that way? I love him, but if I tell him who I really am then he won’t love me. Well, then maybe you shouldn’t love him.

Sam: Ha! I love the trope Abby hates! Probably the biggest issue I have is unnecessary secret keeping. Like, “Trust me, it’s for your own good that you don’t know this really important and crucial detail.” And usually more than one person knows said important secret, but NO ONE will tell the person who needs to know it most. I HATE that. It makes me stabby.

Kira: I hate it when too many points of view are used, and it takes all of the suspense/mystery out of the story. Something will happen a character won’t have a clue who committed the crime or wronged them. Then the next chapter will be from a different character’s point of view, and right away that character will explain why they did the bad thing they did. Then I’ll have to suffer through the rest of the book knowing what’s going on while I’m waiting for the good guys to figure it out. The bad guys point of view should only be included if it adds to the sense of mystery.

What is the most underrated book/series/author?

Shelly: I am going with Craig Schaefer, who writes the Daniel Faust series, along with The Revanche Cycle quartet, and the Harmony Black series. I don’t know why more people aren’t reading and raving about his books. They are some of the BEST urban fantasy out today!

Abby: Since I currently hate everything, I have no answer. Seriously guys, I need help.

Sam: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, When We Were Animals by Joshua Gaylord is one of my favorite books. I think everyone should check it out.

Kira: I vouch for Shelly’s pick! I can’t pick one so I’m naming two. 1) I love the Toby Daye series by Seanan McGuire. It’s not perfect but it’s addicting. The characters are unique. More people should read it because it’s one of the best urban fantasy series. 2) Pippa DaCosta has a few great series like The Veil, The 1000 Revolution, and The Soul Eater. Her characters are known for having shades of gray and for their unpredictability.

If you could pick a book you wanted to change, which book is it, and how would you change it?

Shelly: I am still holding a grudge about the Sookie Stackhouse series. Yes, I know it’s been years now, but I’m not over it, and I probably never will be. So, the last book in that series is the one I would change. Worst ending to a series, ever. In my version, Sookie ends up as a vampire with Eric Northman. Anyone in their right mind would chose that if given the option. Especially the other option that Charlaine Harris presented Sookie with and had her choose. I have two words for you: seal sex. Yuck! No thanks. That person should have stayed in the friend zone!

Abby: It’s not a genre I’ve read recently. But I’m still pissed at the ending for Allegiant. I know there are a lot of people who had issues with the series. But I was really enjoying it. When it came to the whole twist, I thought the series was perfectly set up to be very medically and scientifically relevant in the next decade. It caused teens to think about the issues of genetically engineering while it is currently being done in labs. Then the author went and got kill happy, and that’s all anyone can talk about. Thank you for taking a scientifically relevant book and making it irrelevant for the sake of social drama.

Sam: Allegiant‘s ending crossed my mind, but I’m going to tell you a weird thing about myself: I’m not a huge fan of fan-fiction. I like things to be canon. If an event is what the author intended, I’ll take it. I think this stems a bit from my mild OCD-ness that I have that requires matching sets to be kept together. Does that make sense? One goes with the other and should never be separated. However, I was talking to a work friend the other day about books, and we started talking about Brandon Sanderson, which obviously led to us talking about the Mistborn series. Now, I’ve only read The Final Empire but there are two things that I wish Mr. Sanderson had done differently. The first is obvious if you’ve read the book and is a pretty major spoiler so my lips are remaining sealed, but the other is probably not what you’d expect. See me? I didn’t want the first book to end with the Vin and Elend together. I wish Vin would have walked away. That’s right people. No YA HEA for the end of the first book. It would have been more interesting in my opinion.

Kira: I’m still a bitter bitch about the last Sookie Stackhouse book. I’ve never hated a book as passionately as I did Dead Ever After. It was the first series where I had ever been involved in a fandom. Eric Northman was one of the best book boyfriends ever! His fate was cruel and unnecessary. Once upon a time I desperately wanted him and Sookie to be together, but she’s not good enough for him. I liked the way things ended for him in True Blood. ***spoilers ahead*** If I could rewrite Dead Ever After, Eric wouldn’t be a slave consort to some selfish queen. He would have kept his relatively autonomous existence and would have lived HEA hanging out with Pam. Eric would have realized that they didn’t need Bill alive to create that stupid database, and he would have finally killed him for raping Sookie and for being a boring douchebag in general. Sookie would have been turned into a vampire. The she would have been forced to loath herself for being something she hated. It would have been fitting since the moral of the story was to hate anyone who was too different to pretend to be normal. Sam wouldn’t want Sookie anymore because he hated vampires. Therefore no seal sex. I learned the hard way that once you’ve encountered seal sex it’ll haunt you for the rest of your days.

Best/favorite post that you’ve written

Sam: I personally think all of our posts are pretty great! But here’s the link to my When We Were Animals post, since I recommended it and all 🙂

Everyone Loved It but Me!

Q & A with Ashleigh Zavarelli

Just Say Yes….to Alien Romance

When you Fall in Love with a Man…in a Book

Our nominees are….drum roll please…. 

Susan Trombely @ Susan Trombley’s Blog  because I absolutely adore her tagline

Patricia @ Books, Books and More Books

Cupcakes and Machetes

Melanie @ Mel to the Any

Books are My Reality

Dani @ Book Geeks Uncompromised

Just My Bookish Life

Dragons & Zombies

Marie’s Library

Windowsill Books

Now that you very, very lucky few have been selected here comes the fun part: our questions for you!

***rubs hands together excitedly and not at all like a maniacal madwoman***

  1. If you could pick any character to die a long and horrible death, who would it be and how would you kill him/her?
  2. It’s zombie apocalypse time! The horde is coming for you and you have just enough time to grab one thing: your favorite book, a treasured memento, or a bag of your favorite candy/snacks. What do you choose and why?
  3. Who is your favorite book boyfriend (or girlfriend)?
  4. What happened in the most cringe worthy sex scene you’ve ever read?
  5. If you could go back in time and give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

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  1. Congratulations💫🎊


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