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Camilla is a successful lawyer engaged to a successful doctor, when she is killed in a freak accident. A mysterious pencil-pusher propositions her with new job… as Karma. Yes, that karma. Little did you know Fate, Luck, Death, The Four-Leaf Clover Guy, Santa, Tooth Fairy, Murphy’s Law – all real beings who help keep the universe running smoothly.

Only it doesn’t run smoothly at all and Karma is thrust into a new life where no one explains anything to her and there might be people (who aren’t really people) who are slipping through the cracks, causing “disturbances in the force,” so to speak.

The Dust Off Your MacHalo group at Goodreads read this recently and had mixed thoughts about it. Here is our review, interview-style.

What did you like about Karma?

Shelly: I liked that it was light and funny. This has a chick-lit vibe to it, but in a good way. I typically do not like chick-lit, but this had just enough to work for me. I liked the banter between Fate and Karma and their love/hate thing worked for me as well.

Kira: I liked the idea behind it. It involves characters who aren’t alive, but they aren’t normal things like ghosts and zombies. It was different. It was an easy, quick and entertaining read.

What didn’t you like about Karma?

Shelly: There could have been more world-building. Not much was explained and it was assumed that it was just because no one took their jobs seriously and morale was low. (They didn’t get paid much, drove crappy cars, and had a run-down office. But this was part of the “humor” and wackiness.) Also, no one took Karma seriously because she does not plan to keep the job and they consider her just a “transfer” and don’t take her seriously.

Kira: It was too cheesy. Camilla died and had to live in the same world as everyone she loved without interacting with them. It took next to no time for her to get over it. I thought the story needed a little more seriousness. Camilla was special. She was capable of doing things many of the other characters could not do. I don’t like it when characters are special when I don’t feel like they are deserving of it.

Who was your favorite supporting character(s)?

Shelly: I pretty much liked ALL the supporting characters and wished there was MORE of them. The three beings fulfilling the role of Jinx were great. They swore, wanted to drink, and have sex, and were ancient, but looked like 12-year-old boys. Cupid was funny, but only in it briefly.

Kira: Fate and I don’t say that because I liked him all that much. Other than Camilla he was the only character with any depth. The other supporting characters were okay. I didn’t know enough about them to get attached.

Would you recommend Karma to other readers?

Shelly: I definitely recommend book one. I did not have as successful an experience with the next book in the series (see below). But book one = thumbs up!!

Kira: It’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of urban fantasy and want something different.

Do you intend to continue the series?

Shelly: The MacHalo group, for the most part, had a semi-lukewarm reaction to Karma and yet we decided to plow right on and start book two, Jinxed, right away. I actually DNF’d this book at 62% because the fun and silliness from book one was missing for me. The romantic lead turned into a man-handling jerk who was barely in it and only showed up to be mean to Karma and then disappear again. The love/hate trope did NOT work in book two for me. Plus, Karma was doing what I always hate in UF heroines and running off alone, not trusting anyone, and therefore inevitably getting into trouble constantly. #faceplam

The others seemed to like it about as much as the first one, and plan to go on to book three, Fated. Of course me being the buddy read slave I am, I kind of want to go back and finish Jinxed and read this one now. Sigh. LOL

Kira: Yes, I will continue the series. I haven’t had the chance to read the next book yet. I’ve read two other series by Donna Augustine. If this first book is any indication, this will be my least favorite series of hers. Based on my experience with her other series, I’ll have mixed feelings about the rest of the series.

Shelly’s reviews for Karma and Jinxed at Goodreads.

Kira’s review for Karma at Goodreads.

Karma is only $0.99 at Amazon.



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