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I am slightly addicted to Game of Thrones (the show not the books). When the show is on it’s a very time consuming thing for me. I watch each episode a few times over the course of a week. I spend way too many hours reading articles about theories and other random things fans have noticed. It’s so much fun though. Most shows don’t have this many things to speculate about.

Anyway, season 7 of GoT was amazing! There were reasons to dislike it. The timing with the fast pacing didn’t always add up. In the prior seasons, it seemed like it took forever to travel. This season you’d think places that were thousands of miles away were nearby. This showed the most in episode 6. Like it was really possible for Gendry to run to the wall, send a raven to Dragonstone, and have Dany and the dragons fly north of the wall in what seemed like a few hours to at best day. The thing is this season was so damn good that I don’t care all that much that things don’t add up. In episode 7 Bran’s ability proved to be imperfect. He’s sitting in that room when Sam walks in and tells him that he knows everything because he can see everything. The next thing he does is ask Sam why he’s there. I found it to be humorous. How was it possible that Bran didn’t know the truth about Jon’s parents? I don’t believe he’s already seen everything there is to see, but wouldn’t he at least have known Jon’s real name? I assumed when that scene occurred last season that he heard his name even if we didn’t. If he heard the name wouldn’t he have wondered why it was Targaryen instead of Sand?

There were some other things about this season that annoyed me. One of them was Sam’s discovery of the cure for grayscale. It was so simple. The other maesters knew about it. Their excuse for not using it on Ser Jorah was that it was too dangerous. The guy was dying anyway, so what did it matter if the cure would have done him in? Why don’t they use the cure when symptoms first start when it would presumably be safer to use? On the other hand I didn’t care that finding the cure was so easy because I was simply happy that Ser Jorah lived.

Another thing that seemed oversimplified was the wall coming down. It had been standing for thousands of years. Viserion blew it down like it took no effort at all. viserion-7592How the hell did that even happen? Clearly there was something magical about the ice he was blowing out because ice alone wouldn’t have knocked down an already frozen wall. Apparently the Night King knew that a zombified ice breathing dragon would knock down the wall. It doesn’t seem likely that he’d bring his whole army there if he hadn’t known what the dragon was capable of.

All of this makes me wonder if Bran really is the Night King. They do have that weird connection. No one else can see him when he’s warging. They dress the same too. It seemed like the Night King knew exactly what was going to happen. When Jon and the other guys went north of the wall, his army was prepared. They had three javelins. It’s too coincidental that there were three of those and three dragons. He must have known they were coming. He could have killed Jon and the other guys if he really wanted to, but it seems like he wanted them alive to lure Dany there. It’s definitely in the realm of possibility that he can see the future just like Bran can.

The thing I’m dying to know is what is it he wants? What does he hope to accomplish by destroying Westeros? I don’t see any benefits for him. It’s not like his people need more resources to live. It could be some kind of revenge although I’m not sure who exactly he’d want to exact revenge on. No one is alive from the time when he was turned into the Night King unless he is Bran which would explain why he’d hold something against people in the current time period. Why hasn’t he killed Jon? No one else has seen the Night King so many times and lived to tell the tale.


The Starks unite! It’s about damn time. They seemed so divided all season. What they did with Littlefinger was absolutely devious, and I loved it! He was so shocked he was speechless. It was priceless that he was taken down in the same way he’s taken down others. The best part was he had no clue it was coming. Just like everyone else, he completely underestimated Sansa. Littlefinger deserved to die. I will miss him though. He was one of the few bad guys I loved to hate. Sansa’s performance blew me away. I can’t wait to see what she’d do if she encounters Cersei again.

This feeling that the Starks have the upper hand makes me uneasy. None of them died, which was surprising to me. There is only one season left. This is GoT after all; it’s not possible that they’ll all make it out alive. To be honest I wouldn’t give a shit if Bran died. He’s turned into a creeper now that he’s the three eyed raven. It seems like the most useful thing he could impart is that Jon Snow is really a Targaryen.

Did anyone else find Bran’s timing with the reveal of Jon’s parentage conspicuous? When he first arrived at Winterfell he said he needed to talk to Jon. He didn’t reveal what he knew until Jon and Dany hooked up. I find that interesting. Did he know that had to happen? He could have sent Jon a message via raven or told one of his siblings. Why reveal it to Sam at the exact time Jon and Dany consummate their relationship? Dany’s always known she’s a Targaryen. Incest isn’t a strange concept to her. Jon probably won’t deal with it as well. Bran could have prevented their coupling by letting the cat out of the bag a while ago. Since we were beat over the head with the knowledge that Dany is barren makes me believe all the more that she will have a child. Jon may be disgusted by an incestous relationship, but he damn well knows how shitty it is to be a born a bastard. He wouldn’t want that for his own child. Chances are he’d marry despite his reservations about being with her for the sake of the child. Jon’s reaction to the news is more predictable, but how will Dany take it? It may not change anything for her or she may view Jon as the enemy since he is the rightful heir.

For years I’ve heard people say they shipped Jon and Dany. Incest aside I couldn’t get behind them as a couple. They’re too different in just about every imaginable way. Jon is brutally honest, loyal, and deeply caring. Dany definitely cares about her people but is ruthless. I’ve always felt like it wouldn’t take much for Dany to go from being a benevolent ruler to a downright cruel one. Knowing her family history, it’s in the genes. A part of her has always come across as selfish. Her number one priority has always been getting what she wants which is to rule the on the iron throne. Once she and Jon met, I instantly shipped them. They balance each other out well. Jon’s compassion appeals to her and brings out the humanity in her. game-of-thrones-dany-jon-sex Incest is wrong until it’s so right. My moral compass is off on this one.

What will Tyrion do with the knowledge that Jon and Dany are officially a couple? His loyalties are divided. He genuinely respects Jon and Dany, but family is family. What happened when he conversed with Cersei? We only saw the first half of the conversation. They cooked up some kind of a deal, and it’s not likely to be one that will benefit Dany. It’s hard to say where his loyalties will lie. He loves his family but he’s also a strong believer in doing what is right.

I have mixed feelings about this season. It may be my favorite season yet. There were so many good moments. Important theories were confirmed. As thrilling as it was to know for sure about Jon’s parents, it was fairly predictable. This theory has been floating around for a long time. This season didn’t have the same sense that something bad could happen to anyone. I wasn’t deeply worried that the good guys were going to be killed off. It was very good but extremely different. Who knows? Maybe this is their way of luring us into a false sense of complacency and next season will be all out slaughter.

What are your thoughts on this season? Have any interesting theories to share?


6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Season 7

  1. danithebooknerd says:

    My only problem with this series was Littlefinger’s death. I feel like him and Varys are wasted characters. In the books (I know, I know but the books are where they were created!) they play a much bigger role in a much bigger conspiracy that we still haven’t seen the end goal of but we know that yet another Targaryen is involved. I feel like Littlefinger never really had a goal here and Varys just floats around. His death, and thus the end of any plotlines involving his character, just highlighted this for me. Apart from that, I am on board with everything you said. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Littlefinger’s goal was to get more power. He had been counting on an alliance with Sansa to get it. Beyond that he didn’t seem to have a well fleshed out plan. Varys was useless this season. He was there, hanging around in the background, doing nothing. I hope they have a good character arch for him next season. You mentioned another Targaryen. In the books it’s Jon’s half brother Aegon that’s rumored to be alive, right? I thought it was weird that Jon would be given the same name although it’s not looking like he is alive in the show.


      1. danithebooknerd says:

        Yeah his half brother never came up so I highly doubt he will in the very last season.

        I guess what I’m saying is the show has been faithful to Littlefinger’s character in portraying his cunning and intelligence but dumbed down his story. I think a naked power play is too bland a goal for him.


      2. Littlefinger did not seem as involved in a variety of things like he did in the beginning. I wonder if some of that is because they have gone beyond the books and have no source material to defer to even if they don’t follow it exactly.


  2. GREAT blog, Kira! I love it! I loved Littlefinger too and kind of thought he was wasted the last couple seasons. He had some great scenes in the past. I don’t think they had much time to spend on him, so time for him to go! lol I will miss him and his deviousness. He was a really horrible person. lol – Shelly


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