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I thought we would do a post this week about freaky animals you may or may not know exist. They look like they should be in a science fiction or horror movie possibly, but these bizarre creatures are actually alive on this planet somewhere… right now. Maybe under your bed… Better check it out.

Here are my picks for weirdest animals.

The blobfish.


Inhabiting the deep waters off the coast of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania, this creature is mainly gelatinous and floats around just eating whatever happens to be in front of its face. Boiled, with rosemary and turnips, it pairs well with a light white wine. (Just kidding.)

The pink fairy armadillo.


Okay, this one is kind of cute and belongs in a Harry Potter movie or something, am I right? This little fellow likes the desert and can be found in Argentina.

The piglet squid.


This mysterious creature lives in dark waters and has light producing organs to help it get around. Apparently, it can be found in oceans all around the world.

The zombie fish.


Actually, this is just a poor salmon at the end of its life cycle. Their bodies begin decaying, which cause their teeth to protrude more and appear extra bitey. They are completely and totally focused on spawning and completing the circle of life, so we have to cut them some slack.

The flannel moth caterpillar.


This is actually not a Donald Trump reject toupee (although it would probably be an improvement). These fellas live in North America and have a painful sting – so don’t touch!

And finally, I leave you with…


Let’s just sit with that one for a bit.

Any clues what that handsome specimen is?

Nice teeth, eh?

Okay. Now that we are all sufficiently creeped out, that my friends, is an extreme close-up of an earthworm.

Okay, one more. I know you need an encore.



A maggot under a microscope.

And that should be enough to give you nightmares tonight. I know I was definitely traumatized looking through the other Google images that search returned.

Until next time, stay Freaky.


3 thoughts on “Freaky Friday – Is that an alien or an animal?!

  1. Okay. Now I am totally creeped out by earthworms. Ha ha. Maggots were already icky. Ew.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg I want a piglet squid!!!!!!!!

    Ok I’m more creeped out than most with the extreme close up of the Worm…… I own a Bait and tackle shop and have literally hundreds of worms in dirt boxes…… shudders

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cathepsut says:

    Eeewwww to the last two. And the blobfish is having a really bad day.

    Liked by 1 person

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