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I just wanted to post a brief follow up to my recent blog. I had quite a bit of response at the Goodreads MacHalo group about my #2: I have had out of body experiences “confession.” It appears more people experience this phenomenon than you would think. Whether you view it scientifically, spiritually, or mystically, it is a fascinating topic!

Here is an article by The Atlantic, called Why People Have Out-of-Body Experiences. It takes a scientific approach, of course, and while I view it as more of a mystical thing, it’s still worth checking out.

The article talks about Robert Monroe, who vividly recorded his “astral” journeys in 3 books. They are DEFINITELY worth checking out, if you are curious, especially the second book, Far Journeys. It literally changed my life.


One of the studies discussed in the article says:

He also surveyed patients about their mental states, and found that those with anxiety and depression in addition to dizziness were more likely to have out-of-body experiences.

Back at the group, we also discussed strange dreams that felt more like past lives and seeing what appeared to be unexplained nonphysical beings. Ghosts came up, prophetic dreams… these weird things sure seemed to pop up a lot in a relatively smallish group (less than 250 members).

Something to think about!





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