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I love J.M Darhower’s books, but this wasn’t one of my favorites. It had three strikes against it from the start. I don’t like books where a character’s fame is heavily focused on. I’m not into superhero/comic themes. One of the main characters was a recovering addict. Usually one of those things is enough to make me not read a book. Since it was J.M. Darhower I had to give it a shot anyway. I did like it. Personal preferences made this unappealing for me.

Jonathan became a famous actor when playing a comic superhero. The superhero element did tie into the story nicely. Parts of it were told in the present and the past. The comics and superhero played a part in both. That part of the story wasn’t bad despite the superhero being kinda lame. As his fame increased, Jonathan got caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle and partied a lot. His girlfriend Kennedy wasn’t happy with the direction his life was headed, so they separated although their feelings never went away.

I liked Jonathan. He was a good guy who lost his way. I have had a lot of experiences with alcoholics and drug addicts. When someone you love makes your life a living hell because they’re fucked up, it comes to a point where the bad vastly outweighs the good, and it’s hard to forgive them even if they’re doing better. Jonathan hadn’t been in recovery for very long. Relapse happens more often than not, and it’s common for relapse to occur more than once. Just because he was doing well for a few months doesn’t mean much in the long run.

I was rooting for him and Kennedy, but the mother in me desperately wanted Kennedy to tell him to get lost. She was a grown up and could deal with the consequences of being with someone like him, but the emotional damage it could have caused her daughter was too much. Her daughter didn’t know who her father was, so luckily she had lived her life completely unscathed. My kids were not so lucky. They saw first hand how destructive addiction can be. Some of the emotional damage their father caused will be with them forever. I wanted her to walk away to save them from suffering down the road. Then again Kennedy knew Jonathan had serious issues, but she didn’t live through it with him, which probably made it a lot easier for her to forgive since she didn’t really know how bad it could get.

Overall the story wasn’t dark. Jonathan’s problems weren’t heavily focused on although they played an important role. I am a fan of second chance romances. There is something so appealing about two people going through something rough and managing to overcome it. Jonathan and Kennedy had great chemistry. The way the past was introduced it blended seamlessly with the present. Despite the issues I had with this book, I’d highly recommend reading it.

Rating: 3 stars


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