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I’m a single parent, but I think this applies to all moms and dads. Certain things… things we don’t really talk about with outsiders. We might even tell our kid(s) at one point or another, “This needs to stay at home. ” Or , “Don’t tell your grandmother.” Even though we are 25, 35, 45 years old, oh yes, we are still hiding things from our parents. Things that would be embarrassing if put in the spot light, but while we’re chilling at home, tired, weary from a long day at work, we might do some of these things from time to time. I say, NO SHAME! We all need to cut corners and cheat when it comes to parenting – and adulting – every once in awhile to preserve our sanity (or what is left of it)!

  • You know you should cook a nice healthy dinner, but you order pizza. Again.


  • You have every intention of pulling your kid off the electronic devices more, and decide you are going to do crafts! Then, you remember you SUCK at crafts, and rather than violently slam the yarn, glitter, and glue gun against the wall, you force your kid to color with you (not draw, that is too much like crafts).


We all know what they really want to do is color on their app on their tablet. (Just kidding. They really want to play Minecraft, FNAF, or Roblox all day.) So, you give up and let them. For a couple hours while you have some well-deserved “me” time.

  • You know you need to clean your house, but this book is SO GOOD. So house stays messy for yet another day.


  • You let your kid have cereal or waffles for dinner. You’re almost done binge-watching that new show on Netflix. It won’t kill ’em.


  • You let your kid take a Lunchables every once in awhile to school and then hear other moms talking at tumbling class about making their own, homemade HEALTHY ones. Oh well!


That is just ADORABLE, and everyone knows kids will eat anything cut into shapes like animals, right?! But who has time for that? I sure don’t.


  • You really want to see that new Marvel movie and you know it’s got curse words and some violence and probably some crude jokes. It’s rated PG-13 and your kid ain’t nowhere close to 13. You still take her.


Look, I feed my kid organic when I can. She gets straight As, and I have only taken her to a few PG-13 movies (she is almost 9). Judge me if you want, but I don’t care. 🙂 I do the best I can and ain’t gonna feel guilt for being “lazy” sometimes. We all do it. Maybe not items from this list, but I know you have your own (please share below).

So, I say just do the best you can and own it – and DON’T let Grandma know!





4 thoughts on “You Let Your Kids Do What?

  1. Yup. All of these!!! Especially the devices. I try to limit their time but if they’re playing games and watching you tube then I can finish a couple more chapters!! You need a bath tonight? Hmmmm I’m tired, you’re 7 so you don’t stink of BO yet, and you haven’t been rolling in mud, so…… it can wait until tomorrow!
    We all go through this! No one is a perfect parent! If they’re judging you then they’re doing it to make themselves feel better. But in reality they’re screwing up too! 😂

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    1. Skipping the bath! That is the one I forgot! HAHA. Yep, we all do it from time to time. Glad you agree and shared one that wasn’t on the list! 🙂 – Shelly

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  2. I’m not even a parent but I LOVE this post. Thanks for your insights.


    1. Thank you 🙂 – Shelly


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