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It’s finally here, people!

It’s Halloween!

Time for all the little (and big) ghoulies and ghosties to roam the night in search of Halloween goodies to fill their sacks.  Hay rides, carved pumpkins, spooky trails, and haunted houses are all part of this fun filled yearly tradition. The streets come alive as children and adults alike swarm neighborhoods hoping to find the lights on and the candy bucket full.

But, here at the MacHalo’s headquarters, our most faaaaavoritest part of Halloween EVER may just be the costumes. From vampires to werewolves, from super heroes to super villains, all can be found wandering the streets on Halloween night. As  our own special Halloween treat for you dear, loyal MacHalo fans, we’ve put together a little compilation of our absolute favorite costumes. A little costume contest, if you will. So, in true MacHalo fashion and without further ado…

#1. Hot Fireman. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? I know we sure do…Image result for joe manganiello fireman

#2.  Hot Caveman. Yep, would totally hibernate in a cave with him.Related image

#3. Hot Viking. The name says it all.

Image result for hot viking

#4. Hot Lumberjack. I think I sense a pattern…

Image result for hot lumberjacks

#5. Hot Cowboy. No, no, Joe. You’re the Hot Fireman….

Image result for joe manganiello


#5. Now HERE’S the Hot Cowboy. Giddy-up! (That’s a thing they say, right?)

Image result for hot cowboy farm

#6. Hot Gladiator. Yep, there’s definitely a pattern here…

Image result for hot gladiator

#7. Hot Elf. Because we have to throw some geeky goodness in here. And Legolas.

Related image

#8. Hot Kilted Dude. So maybe not technically a costume, but…..I’m allowing it.

Image result for hot kilted man

#9. Hot Phantom. What’s not to love about a dark, tortured soul?

Image result for hot guy phantom of the opera

#10. Hot Chef. Wait….Joe? How’d you sneak back in here.

Related image

#10. Okay, the REAL Hot Chef. Hot + can cook = Come home with me please…

Image result for hot chef

Okay, so that about rounds up our candidates for tonight. What a weird coincidence that it’s 10 hot guys. I guess that’s just how these things work out sometimes.

So what do you say people? Who do you think should win our First Annual MacHalo Costume Contest? Cast your votes in the comments!

Sam Says (1)


4 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Contest (with a MacHalo twist)

  1. beiger says:

    Haha! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It was definitely a fun one to…um, research.


  2. All of the above???? 😂 Id say hello mr Lumberjack! Yum! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

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