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Disclaimer: I am absolutely probably the LEAST qualified to say who is “attractive” or who isn’t (speaking as a middle-aged salty chick who likes her pizza and wine way too much and hates exercising, i.e. I’m fat), but I am nevertheless daring to compose my list of guys (they happen to all be actors) who I think are unconventionally attractive.

First up, is probably the most obvious one: Adam Driver.

No one can deny the man is physically built (and he’s tall – 6’2″). He rocks a villain as Kylo Ren and was in the Marines! Plus, he is the founder of Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF), a nonprofit that performs theater for all branches of the military, both in the United States and abroad. Wikipedia

Next up is Dax Shephard.

He’s funny, he was in an awesome movie called Idiocracy and he is married to one of the coolest females in Hollywood. And also, there’s this:


Then, there’s Jeff Goldblum. What can’t this man do? He rocked Jurassic Park as Dr. Ian Malcolm, The Fly, and he stole all his scenes in the new Thor movie. There’s just something about him…



I’m adding Tim Curry because Frank n Furter and Legend and his voice…. his voice…


Benedict Cumberbatch because he’s just freaking awesome and I find him attractive. He is so talented, has that British accent going on, plus there’s Sherlock and Doctor Strange.


Gary Oldman. The man is an acting genius and played such a wide variety of characters it defies belief. Dracula, Sirius Black, Sid Vicious, and even freakin’ Winston Churchill!


Zachary Quinto. I’ve loved him since Heroes and adore him as Spock. He is perfect and makes those Vulcan ears sexy! He’s got the eyebrow thing going on and just looks great clean-shaven or with a beard.


And this one’s for Jessica. Shia LeBeouf. A talented actor who may be prone to some anger issues and controversy, he’s attractive in an unconventional way.


That’s all for now. Do you agree or disagree with our choices or have your own? Please add more in the comments. We would love to know your picks!






5 thoughts on “Is he hot or is he not? (Unconventional Hotties)

  1. I was never attracted to Adam Driver throughout the Force Awakens. But then for some reason in the Last Jedi my mind was just like… oh HE-LL-OOOO. And now I’ve seen it I can’t unsee it. Def a fitty.

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    1. Haha right!? But, I actually was attracted to him in Force Awakens too. 😀 – Shelly

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  2. Bree says:

    I fell in love with Adam Driver in Girls – he is definitely unconventionally attractive, but attractive nonetheless!

    Also, Benedict is so swoony. His freaking voice and his eyes kill me. I fell in love with him in Sherlock.

    I also totes love Zachary ❤

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  3. That’s an interesting list! I don’t find anyone there attractive – especially not Cumberbatch 😀 But I can kinda see why people would. I have a friend who is totally IN LOVE with Tim Curry 🙂

    I always thought Vincent Cassel is hot.. He has this something I can’t explain 😀 And I wouldn’t even call him good-looking… He’s a great actor as well – I try to watch all of his stuff.

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    1. I had to look him up but instantly recognized him. Yeah, he’s got something. Sometimes talent can make a person more appealing! lol – Shelly

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