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The book is slammed shut (or reading device put down or narrator announces the conclusion of the story). Maybe you hold it to your chest for a second, close your eyes and sigh?  Maybe announce to everyone or no one, “That was so GOOD!”? Then your eyes pop open or you sit up straight and the truth sinks in. It’s over. Really and truly. The story has ended. You have to enter the real world again.

You have no choice. You try, but everything seems mundane, like you’re going through the motions. Why are all the real life people moving along like mindless drones? Where’s the magic? Where’s the mystery, the beauty? It’s okay, though. You know later when you have a moment, you will slip into your book and it’s world and characters, like slipping into your lover’s arms. It’s so comfortable and you’ll be right there in that book. Except… you can’t. Cause it’s over. Done. Shut. No more chapters. Sitting there. Cold.


Gone are the days of sneaking off with your book, not wanting to watch tv, not minding when people were late to meet you or canceled plans, not minding staying in snuggled up in bed reading. It was just you and your book sharing every free moment of your time. Till it ended.

Now music reminds you of the plot or character of that book world you are no longer in. You try to pick up books in the same genre, but nothing comes close to YOUR book. Friends suggest books that they’ve read and you look at them like they’re throwing you into a double date with their hot boyfriend’s very un-hot (but nice) cousin. Speaking of your friends, you’re driving them crazy, constantly talking about the book and recommending it to anyone who will listen (they get it! And those random people at the library don’t care. They don’t. Walk away). This is torture. On and on this vicious cycle goes. What’s it been now? A week?! Maybe two?!

There will never be another book.

It’s right about this time that the Universe grants you a boon. Oh, and it. Is. Good!  The book has a sequel that just released and guess who’s about to start it? Guess who’s ready to sink into that world again (especially, because the world is even bigger and better than before)?  Guess who’s going to reinvest in those amazing characters (especially now that those characters have grown so much and come so far!)? Guess who’s ready to just accept that sequel back into their life like it’s an ex-lover taking you back? And guess who’s ready to blow through that sequel, only to end up crushed and heartbroken all over again? You are.  Of course, you are! You know it will hurt in the end, it hurts so good. It’ll all be worth it.

And maybe, juuust maybe there will be a book three!

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5 thoughts on “How a Book Hangover is like a Break-Up

  1. Bree says:



    1. Jessica says:

      Oh, I’m so glad I’m not alone! Hahaha. You feel me.

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  2. michmustread says:

    My sister-in-law and I were just talking about this! We call it a book hole.


    1. Jessica says:

      Mich! Hahaha. I love that, book hole! It is, totally. Sucks you in. 😉


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