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So, here I am again, with pictures to share of my recent thrift store book haul and some other goodies. I was quite proud of myself! Haha. So, here are the books I found:

I love the Wayward Pines trilogy so was quite happy to pick up physical copies of the first two. Here are some big splurges I made at Target and Barnes & Noble recently. *I will not feel guilty* *I will not feel guilty*


I recently read The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin and LOVED it, so had to order the second book right away (I got that one from Amazon).

I saw this at B&N and since I love the comic Saga so much, I had to grab this one. ALANA!


Finally, these are actually DVDs I bought for my daughter, but we are both HUGE Teen Titans fans! (Also, the new Jumanji is actually really good!)


Okay well, thanks for bearing with me. I have no one really to share in my excitement over stuff like this in real life, so I post it to the internet! Ha. Have a great day – Shelly


One thought on “Whatever Wednesday – Book Haul, Movies, and Pop! Comics

  1. Aaaaaaah, an Alana Funko?!!!! I NEED IT!!!


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