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I suppose this is something that may inevitably happen to every reader. You love everything a certain author publishes and then suddenly, there is a book that you just don’t click with. So, what do you do? It doesn’t mean you have to break up with the author’s work or write a rage review. This has happened to me several times, and without mentioning any titles or authors, here are a couple things a disappointed reader can do (without being angry or hurtful).

Pretend it didn’t happen. Quietly remove the book from your to-read or read shelf and don’t post a review.

Write an honest review. Without attacking the author, list reasons why the book didn’t work for you, and just state that although you enjoy this author’s other books, this one just wasn’t for you. Maybe you leave a rating, maybe not. There is nothing wrong with criticizing a book as long as you aren’t hateful about it.

What I don’t recommend is leaving an automatic gushing five star review just because you feel obligated or are worried about saying something contrary to the majority of an author’s fanbase.

Occasionally, an author makes decisions with characters that you simply can’t accept, like killing off the hero/heroine or pulling a romantic bait and switch. It’s an author’s prerogative to do whatever they wish with their characters, their world, and their story. But it’s also a reader’s prerogative whether to continue reading or not. Sometimes, you just have to say goodbye.

But, I think in most cases, a reader can continue to enjoy an author’s work, even if they don’t fangirl/boy over every single thing they write. Don’t feel guilty. We all have different reactions while experiencing a book.

7 thoughts on “When a Favorite Author Writes a Book You Don’t Like

  1. Most definitely I will be honest in reviewing it. I had this happen recently and I told the author it wasn’t one of my favorites. She thanked me and sent me a galley of her new one coming out. It was back on track.

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    1. I’ve done both. It just depends I guess on how I’m feeling at the time. I stopped rating books I dnf’d, but I often still leave reviews. 🙂 That is very cool about the author. I find most to be reasonable about constructive criticism. But sometimes, I just quietly pretend it didn’t happen. lol – Shelly

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      1. I think we all quietly pretend some times! lol


  2. Mess says:

    I had this happen with Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews. ILONA ANDREWS for crying out loud! I was devastated. I gave it a DNF, no review and no rating. Sad.

    I do tend to notice that I’m a bit of a pessimist. Even if I really liked a book I tend to point out the negative. *hangs head in shame


    1. Oh, I gave On the Edge two stars! I was one of the few friends who didn’t really like it. I usually LOVE everything IA does too! Then, I liked the second one a lot more and I haven’t read the third one yet. I think that is my least-favorite series of theirs. – Shelly


  3. It depends on how far I get into it. But, more likely, I give an honest review, nice or not nice depending on how the book affected me. And if there are multiple books in a row that don’t work for me, I stop picking up the author!

    – Caidyn


  4. I find it impossible to rage review an author I like, even if a book doesn’t hit the mark. It just makes me feel like a bad fan. I want to support them writing good things even if it’s not good every time.


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