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Congratulations, main character! We have just been through a novel or series together. There were trials and tribulations. We laughed, we cried, we made friends, we fell in love, we yelled, “oh, hell yeah!” and “oh, hell no!” together. YOU are officially my favorite female character. Okay, okay, ONE of my favorite female characters. How’d you get here?

You’re not a Mary Sue. Yeah, yeah no Mary Sues riding in on their high horses of morality here. A goody-goody you are not. You’re beautifully flawed. You’re human. You’re honest and true to yourself and the characters around you. Nothing just falls in your lap, you work for it, girl! You’re smart, but you know you can’t go it alone and you work with others to make it. You’re sassy and funny and don’t take yourself too seriously (until it’s time to work!). I read your story, and find myself saying, “God, I LOVE her!” or “She’s the BEST”.


You have a kick-ass crew.  Favored MC, your squad is awesome. Tough, funny, caring, loyal, and loving. You may even have a furry, animal-like familiar/pet! You always give us a chance to learn them and love them as you do. You’re good to them as they are to you. Despite the fact that you know this journey will ultimately end with you, you know when to lead and when to allow others to shine. No secrets kept from each other, no slut-shaming, no martyrdom, just working together and highlighting strengths. You have amazing taste in friends. Can I be one of them?


You have impeccable taste in love interests. Oh you lucky girl!  Always getting the sexiest, strongest being. Let’s be honest, since fantasy is my favorite genre this could be any kind of being – shapeshifter, fae, dark dweller/demon, angel, magician, alien, god – the list goes on, but no matter what species they are, they’ll likely be at the top of their game. Your best of the best is an alpha (duh! Like anything less could handle you), with a cool name or title like Mad Rogan, Beast Lord, Darkness, The Wanderer, Fae Ruler of (fill in the blank) Court. Maybe, their name or title can’t even be spoken and you have to use Phobe or Ryker, or Brian (okay, maybe not that last one). Now, of course, love doesn’t happen right away, oh no! You make this love interest work for your heart. Insta-love has no place in your world. I mean, just cause that person is strong, good looking, talented, and magical doesn’t mean your love comes easy. You’re a bad-ass! This alpha swoons for YOU. You also don’t do love triangles and this deserves some recognition as well. *Honorable recognition for actually choosing a lover(s).  More than one alpha got your heart? Not a problem for you! You either pick one or take them all. That’s how you do. There’s no containing your love!


You. Are. A. Badass. Through and through. Got magic? You’ll learn to wield it.  Got strength? You’ll kick a whole lotta butt! You’ll train, you’ll pour blood, sweat, tears, your heart into your magic, your mission, your love, your people, your friends.  You do ALL of this with one foot on the ground and a fabulous (if a bit snarky) sense of humor.

So, once again, congratulations!  Thanks for being so cool, MC.


(Thanks Jess for guest-blogging again! You’re awesome!)

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