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As some of you may or may not know, this blog is actually run by two full time contributors. But once upon a time, there were five of us. Unfortunately, life got in the way for some of us (like me) so we had to take a step back from blogging. As it turns out, this summer is pretty free for me so I’m able to sub as needed. Awesome, right?

One of my most favoritetest things we started back when we were setting up the blog was our Freaky Fridays. It’s a judgement free zone where we’re allowed to let our freak flags fly. Now, I am woefully under-prepared but I realized that today is in fact Friday so I really wanted to post something for our Freaky Friday spot. Fortunately, I was able to search the old GRs “don’t judge me” shelf and  come up with this little review. It’s super  short, but decided to share it anyway for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy 😉

Taming My Teddy Bear

Taming My Teddy Bear (Plushie Fetish, #1)


Read the stunning confessional of a woman whose insatiable lust was satisfied only by one thing… her stuffed teddy bear. Erica recounts her experiences with making love to her treasured bear, including the night she let it take her virginity! (If that doesn’t sell you on this story I don’t think much will!)


I think there’s an unwritten rule somewhere that states you have to be willing to read almost anything to join this very elite crew of readers (The MacHalos).

Take this wonderful piece for instance.

A young girl on the cusp of sexual maturity finds comfort in the plush filled, fur covered arms of her teddy bear. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? (Those sweet, soft teddy bears…those are the ones you have to watch out for)

Who doesn’t appreciate a good, snuggly teddy bear when they are feeling blue? (Erica really, really appreciates it!)

Unless, of course, the comfort comes from strapping on a dildo and having your teddy “take” your virginity thus ruining you for all real, live people. Ruh-roh! I bet most people don’t think of that. (To be fair, people are overrated)


Ah, those crazy kids. What a love story! I hope they get their happy ever after.

In fact, I think they both just did…


Just a side note: it was surprisingly easy to find images of women with teddy bears in sexually compromising poses. That in itself is very telling I think. Hmmm…

Anyway, however you choose to spend your Friday, just remember: you do you!

Have a great weekend peeps 🙂

2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Taming My Teddy Bear (Plushie Fetish #1) by Jade K. Scott

  1. You guys are really good at finding some fucked up fetishes lmao. I love it.


    1. It’s one of our many quirks 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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