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Some things about this book were so good and others, well, not so much. I wanted to like this more than I did. It didn’t take long to get into the story. Winter was lasting longer and longer every year. Crops were failing. The Staryk came with their magic when the snow came and stole all of the gold they could. Exactly what the Staryk were is never defined although they are similar to fae with their deals, bargains, and loopholes.

Miryem was tired of suffering. She found a way to help her family although it made her somewhat selfish and cold. Her money making skills quickly drew the attention of the Staryk. Miryem was my favorite of the three main characters. Her bargaining skills often made her seem heartless but she always remained fair. I immensely enjoyed the changes in her character throughout. Her storyline was my favorite because it was the most unpredictable. The Staryk were a wildcard since their motives were unknown.

Wanda had the most boring storyline. It was important in the end, but I’m not sure why so much page time was devoted to her and her family. They were good people but not very interesting. There wasn’t any character development in any of them. Their story fizzled out about halfway through and really slowed the pace of the story by focusing on their mundane issues.

Irina was fun to read about. She didn’t grow as a character, but as the layers of her were revealed, she was not the person I thought she was. At first I really liked her. All I will say is that she was a true politician to the core. Her dealings with the demon and her unique heritage made her part of the story interesting. It was spelled out how she wanted things to go, so her fate wasn’t shocking. It was how she got there that was unexpected.

The end was amazing! I loved it. It made suffering through the boring middle of the story worth it. The book was told from the POV of several people. It didn’t specify before each section who it was about, which was confusing at times. It was unnecessary when it started adding in some of the side characters’ POV. The biggest failure was the lack of depth in the demon and the Staryk King. The demon was straight up bad. I was hoping the Staryk King would be more of a gray character. Instead he was just an ass for most of the book. Another thing I didn’t like was that Miryem and Irina were making decisions that affected many people but neither of them gave considerable thought to the consequences of their actions. Although the book had some issues, I’m glad I read it.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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