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“Lives are not something to be saved. Not when we know the day everyone dies.”

Thank you Wednesday Books and Netgalley for providing the eARC to read and review.

Court Icecastle grew up privileged but became a criminal and escaped from Vorkter Prison. Mykal Kickfall is a young man who believes in love from the icy and remote Grenpale. Franny Bluecastle is a Fast Tracker who does drugs, enjoys sex, and has been driving Purple Cars since she was about eight years old. What do the three have in common? They all lived past their death day, and now they are hiding because people aren’t supposed to live past their death day.

The story takes place on a world like ours, but it is called Saltare-3. There are five planets in this solar system. Saltare-3 suffered a cataclysm called the Great Freeze of 2501 that environmentally devastated the planet. Technology was forgotten, while scientists spent time trying to find ways to innovate agriculture.

Society was fractured into three castes: Influentials (those whose death days won’t come until they are elderly), Fast Trackers (those who will die in early adulthood), and Babes (those who will die as children). The Influentials are the elite; the ones who get the best jobs, have the most money, and are treated the best.

Court, Franny, and Mykal become bonded and compete for a chance to be part of StarDust’s Saga 5 Mission to explore space. They must fake their identities and live among Influentials.

So, this book does end on a horrible cliffhanger, but thankfully, the story will continue. I wasn’t sure if this was a stand-alone until I saw that it was listed as book one. Whew. I need to know what happens next! There were a few sections in the first third of the book that were a little bumpy pacing-wise, but the ending was spectacular.

My only “complaint” is the villain was almost unnecessary. I don’t think the story would have suffered from leaving him out entirely.?

My favorite character ended up being Mykal. I heart him. The romance is M/M, but there was one point I was almost thinking it would be the three of them and that would have been pretty awesome and unexpected. The POV is told from the three main characters.

I really liked this! It was fun and had dystopian/sci-fi vibes all over. There is a lot more I could say about this book, but I don’t want to spoil anything. I am looking forward to seeing more from this world!

Review also found at Goodreads.

3 thoughts on ““The Raging Ones” by Krista and Becca Ritchie

  1. Fantastic review!! I really enjoyed it myself and can’t wait to read the second book 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was so good, right?! 🙂 I’m definitely excited to see what happens next.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. After they ending me too 😳


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