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darkest heart

This is my favorite book by Juliette Cross. It was much better than I thought it would be. I love angels and demons stories. Anya was an angel on a mission to find the archangel Uriel. She couldn’t do it alone. She was paired with an unlikely ally, the demon Dommiel. They were very different but worked well together. Opposites attract and all that.

Anya was pretty straightforward. She was a super goody two shoes even for an angel. However she was a badass warrior. It does seem rather contradictory to me that killing is okay when it’s for the right reasons. She did have her own personal plight to deal with wondering if she would overcome succumbing to evil.

Dommiel was complex with an interesting past. An angel who fell. A traitor to the demons. All around an anomaly. He was the perfect man: just enough bad to be enticing but overall a decent guy. I wish more of his past had been explored about his fall. Even the cause of that didn’t seem horrible. Heaven is unbending on its standards of good and bad to the degree that it unfairly punishes some. From what was portrayed in this he never did anything despicable. His days of debauchery were long over. He did evolve the most as a character. There was one thing about the end that did not make sense to me regarding Dommiel, but it was a minor detail.

I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

2 thoughts on “Darkest Heart (Dominion #1) by Juliette Cross ~ ★★★★½

  1. I don’t normally go for Angels & Demons stories, but kinda like the ‘fallen angel’ character^^

    I’m glad this was a hit for you!


    1. Thanks! I really like the fallen angels. They tend to make complex characters.

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