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It’s finally here. Book ten of Kate Daniels, the amazing urban fantasy series set in a future Atlanta, Georgia, where magic and technology “shifts” battle and shape the landscape of the earth and its survivors. Shapeshifters, witches, gods, ancient creatures, and new ones walk the planet, along with humans. Ilona Andrews is top of their game with world-building and creating a cast of characters that have become like family to readers. Here is Kira’s and Shelly’s take on the New York Times best-selling finale.


What did you like best about it? I loved how Kate can take a vampire’s mind and slap on the blood armor with her eyes closed now. She has come a long way. Any page Hugh and Erra are on is a favorite. Anytime Roland shows up is good reading. Conlan was cute. Introducing dragons to the world was pretty cool.

Was there anything you didn’t like about it? This was not a bad way to end a ten book series at all. But… I can’t say I loved it. For the first 200 pages or so, it felt like another cool Kate magic investigation. Then, the meat of the plot finally kicked in towards the last 100 pages or so. Everything happened SO fast at the end.

Kate had a huge savior complex and ran off to do something without telling anyone of her plans. Conlan was a Super Special Snowflake, albeit a very cute one.

Some things happened off-page or almost like an afterthought at the end.

I know it must be crazy-hard to write a series finale, and I have read way worse endings. I just kind of wished that everything hadn’t been tied up so neatly and that everything bringing complications to Kate’s and Curran’s life hadn’t been resolved so sweetly and quickly.

And also, ten books and still no one believes Kate?! lol 😛

Did you have a favorite character or characters? Hugh. Erra. Roland. Roman.

Is there anything you still have questions about? Everything. I feel like Kate’s and Curran’s story wrapped up (in a too neat bow for my grumpy tastes), but everything else about the world still seems wide open. Gods? Dragons? Fae? Pockets of realms? Erra? Derek and Julie? Ghastek? Roman? Ascanio?

Was Roland’s fate what he deserved? Roland must be a crazy hard character to write, and in the end, I felt the authors didn’t fully know what to do with the “epic” showdown that was supposed to happen with him. Roland is one of my favorite villains and that whole plot resolution fell short for me. I wanted more, but I guess we can’t have perfection.

Thoughts on the epilogue? The epilogue has the potential for a cool spinoff, but Julie really needs to grow up before I’ll want to read a series with her as one of the main characters.

What was your rating? 3/5 stars

KD is still one of my all-time favorite UFs, and I’m the unpopular opinion as everyone else seems to love it! 🙂


What did you like best about it? I liked seeing Kate finally learn how to use and be in control of her powers. She’s badass and downright scary if you’re her enemy. I also loved Kate being a mom. She was great at balancing her personal life and work with being a mom. I wish this would happen more in UF. My favorite thing in general was the characters. All of my favorites were here, and unlike many others, I was happy to have Ascanio be MIA for the whole book.

Was there anything you didn’t like about it? As much as I loved this, there were two things I really didn’t like. Conlan being so special was one. It was ridiculous that he was capable of so much at such a young age. It really irritated me that he was a shifter. It doesn’t make sense with the world building. Kate’s blood destroyed lyc-v, so how could she have a kid with it? It seems like a kid of their’s would have either inherited Kate’s or Curran’s magic for them to be able to survive. I’m injecting too much medical knowledge into this. I know this is a fantasy and I need to let it go.

The second thing I didn’t like was how things ended with Saiman. It was an anti-climatic ending that happened off page for a character who had been in the series since book one. He was never a good guy because he was extremely self-serving and amoral. It wasn’t fair that he was hated as much as he was throughout the series. He didn’t do cruel things or hurt people. I always liked Saiman. The way things ended was a shock and disappointment.

Did you have a favorite character or characters? Erra. Hugh. Roman. Saiman. Roland.

Is there anything you still have questions about? Lots of things. Why can’t Kate do what Roland did to Hugh and cut off the bond but not remove the blood? If it worked the same way as Hugh’s situation, Julie would finally get to be her own person again. What’s up with the dragons and the other realm? Are there more realms? How many gods or godlike creatures are there running around?

This next question is a spoiler. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know. Saiman specifically requested to be buried in Unicorn Lane. He doesn’t do anything without a reason. The magic in that place in unpredictable and crazy. Saiman is the grandson of two gods, so he’s got more magic than most. Can he come back to life by being buried there?

Was Roland’s fate what he deserved? Yes. The situation with Roland ended in a way that I wanted it to. My feelings towards him have always been mixed since he became an active part of the story. On one hand he is evil, and on the other he does genuinely love Kate in the only way he knows how. I didn’t want him to die but didn’t want him to remain in power either. Sometimes I wish his evil side had been shown more. It would have made it easier to hate him.

Thoughts on the epilogue? I believe it was on IA’s blog that Julie is getting her own trilogy. I finally started to like Julie in Magic Stars. The main reason that I’m excited for her trilogy is because of the person with her in the epilogue.

What was your rating? 5/5 stars

2 thoughts on ““Magic Triumphs” by Ilona Andrews – the Kate Daniels series finale

  1. I love this series and it’s my most favorite UF series of all times. I didn’t live this book as much as others, mostly because it felt darker and I knew the end was coming. Also I felt it wasn’t as funny, the comical relief was missing. But at the end I’m glad Kate and Curran finally get the break they deserve. But I hope Conlan gets his story and Julie gets her trilogy. I’m still hoping that Julie and Derek get a chance, but I feel IA gave up on that. 😔


    1. It wasn’t as funny as the other books. It would have been hard to add a lot of humor when Kate was contemplating ending hers and her father’s lives. I’m looking forward to Julie’s trilogy. I think she and Derek will get their HEA in it. It was clear they had feelings for each other in Magic Stars. Sorry you didn’t like this one as much as the others. ~Kira

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