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The fae in this world were fallen angels that turned into beasts. Yeah I know, it’s weird. The only magic Ruby, a fae, had was glamour. Cool but not the most exciting magic ever. I’m not entirely sure how the fae beast thing worked. Most of the time she was human, but she always seemed to be glamoured. I’m not sure what her natural form was. What makes the switch from one form to the other wasn’t clear.

It was an original world. It was a new take on the fae although not one I particularly cared for. It was so outside the realm of normal fae mythology that it didn’t feel like fae at all. There were demons, but they had next to no page time. Dragons were mentioned a fair amount but were not an active part of the story. There was a new spin on the angels and gods.

Ruby was on a mission to save her sister. She aligned with a human organization determined to take down the angels. The goal was for her to infiltrate the angel stronghold and spy on them. For her role as a spy to be believable, she was supposed to do evil things and hate humans. Also she was pretending to be a succubus meaning she should try to entice people to have sex with her. Frankly Ruby sucked at being a believable succubus. Sex was avoided at all costs. Her knowledge of succubi behavior was severely lacking and she failed at keeping her own natural non-succubi talents from appearing when in disguise. And she wondered how the angels were onto her.

The angels became less interesting as more was known about them. Their badass personas quickly slipped away. Their behavior with their succubus prisoner was quite disappointing. Her attempts to gather information were far from subtle, but all of the angels easily gave away their secrets. Why would they do that especially when they did not trust her? It made no sense. There wasn’t much depth to them. I was expecting them to be charming, manipulative, and devious. They were easy to read and one dimensional. However the angel Adonis was the only character that made this book worth reading. He oozed charm and sex appeal. I liked him a lot.

I read this book because for a few reasons. One is because I really liked the Dark Fae FBI series by this author. Two is because I love books about the fae. Three is because I had to read this as part of a challenge. To be honest, I might not have finished it if it hadn’t been for the challenge. It was good, but I was bored and slightly irritated with it.

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