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I’m not a fan of flying in planes. It has nothing to do with a fear of crashing or something going wrong with the plane and everything to do with the overall experience of getting on the plane, sitting through the flight, and deboarding. It’s so horrible. The worst. There has never been a flight in recent times for me that didn’t involve my anxiety going through the roof, crying (or trying not to cry) and feeling one thousand percent frustrated and demeaned. Yes, demeaned.


Flying is humiliating and everyone who sits in economy experiences a loss of dignity for being required to sit in what passes for seats. What is the average, 31 inches or thereabouts? (American Airlines has the least amount of legroom at 30 inches.)


If I was paying for my own ticket, I would only buy first class, but some of us have to travel for work, and most companies (well, mine at least) will only pay for economy. Here are some things I really hate about flying:

  • the middle seat
  • when someone spills over and into your tiny amount of space
  • when people take mini suitcases as carry-ons and hog up all the overhead space
  • people who take off their shoes
  • parents who ignore their kid sitting next to you the entire flight
  • kids who say “no” when you ask them to get up so you can go to the bathroom and their “adult” asks you if you can just get past them without them getting up
  • dismissive and apathetic flight crew
  • why are airports always hot?
  • everything is so rushed and hectic


Ironically, crying babies don’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I am a Mom and have sympathy. But truthfully, that is the least of my concerns. If you buy a couple drinks to try and calm down, you’ll just have to get up to go to the ‘bathroom’ and that is an experience to be avoided if at all possible. If there’s turbulence (oh they call it rough air now), the buckle your seat belt sign can be on for half the flight! The flight attendant will tell you to take your seat and you’re like, Leave me alone. If I’m lucky, while I’m in there, the turbulence will be rough enough to knock me unconscious for the rest of the trip!

I’d pay for that. They should make standing pods to put people in. Line us up, strap us in, and put us to sleep during the flight to miss all the trauma.

And I’ll wrap this up by saying that overbooking airlines should be ILLEGAL. The Government SHOULD regulate as far as not allowing the seat space to get any smaller. If you don’t have TSA Pre-check, you’re fucked.

There’s a reason I never fly unless I have to. Dogs have more space in their airline kennels than people do. (At least our furry friends will fly in relative “comfort.”) Finally, was this picture taken on a real plane? Was flying really like that back in the day?




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