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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. The topic of the week is creeps.

A guy weirded me out at work the other day. What he did was really subtle and wasn’t overtly creepy, but now I’m going to feel uncomfortable every time I see him at work, which is a lot. I’m really sick of being hit on in inappropriate ways by customers at work. I go to work because I need money. Just because I am nice to customers does not mean I like them. My job is all about customer service. I get paid to help people with various issues and to be courteous. Does the general public not realize this? Just because I’m nice or smile at someone doesn’t mean I’m flirting. I just want to do my job and go home at the end of the day unencumbered. Anyway this got me thinking about different types of creepy guys I have to deal with at work. So what better time than to have a top ten list about different types of creepy people than at Halloween.

The Oldster

This guy is old enough to be my dad. Sometimes they’ll even say something as lame as “If I were 30 years younger…”


The Lover of Smiles

They will practically demand that you smile at them.


The Safety Guy

This guy likes to reassure you that he’s safe, whatever that means. Usually I had been thinking I was until that point, but blatantly pointing out that he is safe makes me think otherwise.

i am the danger

The Body Inspector

The guy who can’t stop staring at your chest while talking to you.

eyes up here

The Invader

The guy who asks way too many personal questions.

don't know you

The Hunter

They wait for you even when other people are available to help them. They find you no matter where you are. They corner you when you’re alone.

leave me alone

The Desperado

These guys lay the compliments on really thick and use every cheesy pick up line in the book in the hopes you’ll go out with them.


how you doing

The Complimenter

It’s clear they are flirting with you but it can be uncomfortable and awkward.


The Egotist

They try to impress you by telling you about all of their vast achievements in life.

ron burgundy

The Sexist

This guy compliments your looks as if it’s the only thing about you that matters.




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