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We all have them. The book all your friends raved about for weeks. The one that everyone seemed to love and everywhere you turned, there was another four or five star review. Did you read the same book? What were all these people thinking? How could they possibly have liked it that much? So, this is a list of my unpopular viewpoints. Um, there was more than I thought.

I follow Neil Gaiman on Twitter and think he is an amazing human being, but I haven’t had much luck with his writing. What is wrong with me, right?

Also, Marie Lu and Cassandra Clare are huge authors, but I have never clicked with their writing.

A lot of the paranormal romance ones I think I just outgrew and tried reading them too late in life. I can’t handle the tropes and Big Misunderstandings (lack of communication, slut shaming, virgin female with old paranormal well-experienced male, etc.).

Do you agree with any of my picks? What are some of yours that weren’t mentioned here?



3 thoughts on “Books That Everyone Loved But Me

  1. beiger says:

    You know one of mine, its none other than HUSH, HUSH 😉 I’m happy some folks loved it, a whole lot: 500k ratings with an average of 3.99 out of 5!!!

    However, I wanted to give it -1 stars for the wasted effort trying to read it. And this is coming from someone who isn’t ashamed of how much she loved Twilight.


  2. I agree on ‘Lolita’ & ‘the Golem and the Jinni’. Didn’t even finish the second, it bored me to death.

    Also, I read a different book by Jennifer Armentrout and it was absolutely horrible 😀 I don’t remember the name, but it was cringey and the female lead character was an enormous Mary Sue.

    Paranormal romance is not my genre, so I don’t know any of those books (fortunately? 😀 )

    I loved everything I read by Gaiman so far though.


  3. emerynmader says:

    Oh, I totally agree with these paranormal romances! For me, it’s simply the case that the romance is just so lacking and I can’t manage to get invested in it and honestly, the fact that one of them isn’t human doesnt make it interesting per se. As for Neil Gaiman’s writing, I feel you but I have this feeling it has a lot to do with what your expectations are. I read American Gods after being delighted by both Good Omens and Coraline and was left… somewhat disappointed to say the least. I didn’t finish it but picked it up like half a year/nine months later and gave it a second chance. Tada! Everything changed, I absolutely loved it and was enraptured with it. I still understand why anyone could not like it ❤

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