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So, this is the best kind of “misery” to have, right? Too many books to read? Yes, please! If you are like me, you can’t resist perusing the titles at Netgalley and Edelweiss and drooling over all the awesome-sounding books that will be released in the not-too-distant future. My problem is that I can’t resist clicking that request button! This blog is kinda for me to organize my eARCs and to also post some 2019 releases that look super delish!


Amanda Bouchet’s new series/trilogy? is out January 1, 2019! Less than a month away! Eek. It looks like a sci-fi romance. 🙂


When I first noticed this was BOOK 3 in the A Clash of Kingdoms, I panicked, but this is a stand-alone, so it’s all good! Woops, I cheated. This one is out TOMORROW, December 4, 2018. I’m so bad (and far behind).


Here is another one I slightly freaked out at because I did not realize it was BOOK FOUR in The Queens of Renthia series. But hold up. It’s also a stand-alone! Hooray! Release date is March 19, 2019.


This looks like a sort of gender swap Robin Hood with Maid Marian as the lead! Yes, please! Ding ding. March 19, 2019 is release day!


This one isn’t even out until June 4, 2019! But what a gorgeous cover and irresistible blurb! An alternate historical duology involving sailing across the Atlantic.


That cover killed me. Release date is April 2, 2019. A Chinese-inspired fantasy with a female main character who breaks the rules and teams up with a soothsayer and criminal!

And those are JUST from Edelweiss!


Teehee, I love it. I am honored for every single ARC I ever get and feel so thankful! Well, that is six books. Maybe I’ll do a separate TBR/ARC 2019 release blog for Netgalley. If you guys got any of these and want to buddy read, let me know! 🙂

Happy reading! It’s snowing here and I’m depressed. (Yes, I hate snow.)

One thought on “2019 Releases and Drowning in eARCs

  1. Too many books to read is definitely my misery aesthetic right now


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