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Some people love snow. It makes them feel like the holidays are here and time to celebrate Christmas. For me, it triggers my depression. I suppose it’s because I have to drive in it. Right now, the temperature is 14 degrees (Fahrenheit). That makes me feel miserable.


I don’t like skiing. I don’t like building snowmen (or women). I don’t like snowball fights. Snowing means sliding around on the road if they don’t clear them often enough. You have to shovel it off your driveway and sidewalk. It turns dirty and slushy and ugly. You can fall and hurt yourself. It turns icy.


I suppose it’s okay when it’s falling and fresh and you are safe inside and don’t have to drive or go anywhere that day. I’ll give snow that concession. But otherwise, I’ll pass.


I was surprised how many great gifs there are about the miserable state of winter and being cold. I also hate how all the leaves have fallen off the trees and everything looks dead. And yes, gray skies usually, fog…

Anyway, that ends my rant. There is nothing I can do about it except bitch and complain and wallow in my misery. Seasonal depression activated.


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