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This is just a short blog reminding you to try not to worry too much about the new year. I hate resolutions, so my advice is to not make any. If you want to change something or set new goals, you can do that at any time of the year!

The holiday season is almost over, so that stress can soon be put to rest. Then, for those of us with anxiety, we can find new things to worry about!


(But we all know we will still really find other stuff to fret about, because… ANXIETY! 😉

It’s soon to be a new year and that means new opportunities. Anything can happen! So don’t give up, never stop trying, ever, and remember that you are never alone! Be you, even if that means today you feel grumpy or sad or even just MEH.

Every day is a new beginning, whether it’s January 1st or December 31st!


So read a good book, watch a good movie, make yourself laugh, be goofy, drink cocoa or champagne or tea, eat pizza or a marvelous salad. Whatever makes you happy – do more of it.



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