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Vasya’s journey comes to an end, but I wish there were more. A satisfying ending was reached, but with some of the things revealed in this book, there is so much more that could be explored with the characters and the world. The world building is my favorite thing in this series, and it was taken to a whole new level in this.

The one issue I’ve had throughout the entire series is Vasya. I love it that she’s brave. She defied conventions, and no matter what always did what was right. There are many things to admire about her. It’s rare to find such strong, independent female characters in YA literature. However, there are qualities of Vasya’s that I can’t stand. Her bravery borders on recklessness at times. She never considers the consequences of her actions. The only thing that makes some of her poor choices bearable is that she does everything she can to rectify them, but some things cannot be undone.

Morozko was not in this as much as in the other ones, which was disappointing simply because he’s my favorite character. His absence was there to show how independent and powerful Vasya had become. I liked the developments in their relationship. Part of what made Morozko a great character is that he always accepted Vasya for who and what she is.

The ending was great but incredibly sad. This was an awesome series! I would absolutely love it if there were more books with Vasya and Morozko or a spinoff with her niece.

Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me this in exchange for an honest review!

Rating: ★★★★

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