Why I Don’t Like Hallmark Movies

So I may just be a grumpy, pessimistic old lady, but I can’t stand Hallmark movies. I know several people who adore them, so I am not sure if it’s me with the unpopular view, or if there are others like me out there. Here is a list of why I don’t like them.

1. The obvious: they all have basically the same exact plot.


2. I have a black, shriveled heart and can’t stand all the cheesy emotional drama.


3. I am not a people person and the movies are all about things that bore me: careers, romance troubles, marriage, shopping.

4. They are not very diverse. The movies I have seen (or hopefully just glimpsed in passing) all have the same bland cookie-cutter Everyman/Everywoman types. There are no plus-size romances, interracial, or LGBTQ characters. They are very vanilla and traditional.


5. They are contemporary romances and I rarely enjoy this genre. If the hero was a vampire and the heroine a witch or something, I would give them a chance.


6. They play with your emotions. I hate feeling like I have been emotionally manipulated and these movies excel at that. Just my view of course, but if my heartstrings are going to be pulled, I want something epic, deep, and groundbreaking, not more of the same old same old.



For real though, if you like them, that’s awesome! I only speak for myself and I’m cranky and bitter and I don’t believe in love/romance like these movies show.

Hey, February is coming, so…


(I got all these images off Google. They are not mine and only used for satirical purposes.)

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Hallmark Movies

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  1. Haha! Yes! I’ve only ever watched them when I’m too ill to read. I think the fantasy level is just as high, if not more than UF! So unrealistic!

    I’d rather take solace on love and life from philosophers, but warning they can be a little too real 😉


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