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A couple months ago, my iPod nano’s screen started disappearing. I could still see half the screen, though, and my music still played as good as ever! One day, I hooked it up to iTunes to add some music and suddenly, ALL MY MUSIC WAS ERASED. Gone, and when I tried to add music back, I was unable to. It was completely broken.



On the left is my cute nano, which was so good to me for years. I don’t know when I got it, but Apple discontinued the nano in 2017. Well, I got mad. I’ve long been annoyed by the obsolescence of its products. So I decided to get something, anything, OTHER than an Apple product.

I went to Best Buy and bought this SanDisk MP3 player. It cost about $40. It has taken me months to adjust to the huge change – and trust me, the difference is so stark, it was depressing for some time.

Nevertheless, I got a lot of my favorite music transferred and created playlists (which are accessed weirdly in the “folder” section). Whatever. I named them and added the music I wanted to listen to, and I am mostly adjusted now.

I miss my nano, but $40 is a lot cheaper than $200-$300 or more for the latest iPod version, Touch, or whatever it’s called. I never put videos or other files on my iPod, so I’m only missing out on the music features.

Some of the things I miss and/or haven’t figured out yet:

  • How to get podcasts on the San Disk even though there is a folder for them. I am missing my podcasts. :/
  • How to play it in my car, so I have been listening exclusively to audio books or CDs.

Do you use a device other than Apple for music, podcasts, videos, etc. and what brand/type do you have?

One thought on “Whatever Wednesday: My iPod nano broke and I had to downgrade to an MP3 player

  1. I wish I could help but I do everything from my iphone now.


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