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Are you like me and started tons of trilogies, but never finished them? I’m talking about the ones you didn’t decide to abandon, but REALLY intend to finish. You even read the second one! It’s even been completed. But, you just haven’t gotten around to reading that finale yet. Here are some of mine.


Here are two that aren’t finished yet, but will be this year (and I’m very excited about – and a little sad).


Are you in the same boat? Have you finished or started any of these? What others do you have to read still – or want to start? Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Trilogies I Need to Finish!

  1. I am the worst at finishing a series. I call it having series ADD. I want to try everything and therefore forget to come back to ones I have already enjoyed.

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    1. I can definitely relate! There are many more series I didn’t mention, that I haven’t finished or caught up with. October Daye, I recently started The Graveyard Queen, working on Miriam Black. lol So many.

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