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There has been a wealth of great books released this year already! I’m not sure if I’ve been more selective, but I definitely feel blessed to have lived in the worlds these authors created for us! Here are some of my favorite reads so far in 2019. FYI, they are mostly (but not all) 2019 releases.

Paranormal/Vampire/Horror Indie:


This was recommended to me, and I’m so glad I tried it! Vampires being vampires. They are seductive, yet also have a violent and ugly side to them. I think this one was written over ten years ago, and it’s very underrated, in my view.

Reverse Harem:


I loved these reverse harems! I had gotten “RH fatigue” and these were the first books I had tried in a very long time. They are absolute winners. If you liked Seraph Black, you will love The Evelyn Maynard trilogy, and if you love RH and vampires, you should give I am the Wild a try.

Young Adult new releases:

I am a huge Jay Kristoff fan, so it’s no surprise that two of his books hit my list. Aurora Rising is the first in a new trilogy, and DEV1AT3 is book two in the Lifelike series. I have so much love for these books! The others are winners too (YA fantasy with some romance).

Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy:


Recursion is a mind-bending sci-fi thriller involving the nature of reality and time. Circe is not a new release, but I read it early 2019, and it broke all my feels. I cried. I love Circe so very much! Ghosts of Gotham is a 2019 release and so far, a stand-alone (I think). If you haven’t read Craig Schaefer and have been meaning to, this is a great book to start on.

I could add many more books to this list…The Book of Flora was released (the final book in The Road to Nowhere trilogy, which is available on Kindle Unlimited). I also really enjoyed Wicked Saints, Four Dead Queens, and Bloodleaf.

I hope you have been enjoying your reading experiences and please feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments or say if you agree or disagree with my choices! – Shelly

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