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Release Date: August 20, 2019. Publisher: Crown. Genres: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Thriller.

In the near future, a corporation (think Amazon) eventually takes over the country, becoming so powerful, even the Government can’t touch them. It’s a dystopian-like scenario. This company has evolved to use drones to deliver anything and everything to customers. Its employees live at work. Eat at work. Buy their clothes from work. They have “star ratings” for their work performance. Each quarter, they cut those employees who can’t and don’t perform well.

The law enforcement prefers to, ahem, handle things internally. The founder and CEO of the company is dying of pancreatic cancer, so we have him telling his story through blog-like entries. This guy seems clueless at first, like your typical conservative “capitalism rules” type, but we slowly see the insidiousness unfold.

Paxton and Zinnia are the two main characters. Paxton ends up being in security and Zinnia is a “red” shirt – she picks the items and puts them into bins for packaging.

There are “Cloudbands” you have to wear to get into bathrooms, elevators, anywhere. It’s a worst-case scenario for what could happen with companies like Amazon and what might happen with corporations taking over the country, all small businesses being shut down, people having no jobs, etc.

There also seems to be a climate change semi-disaster that happened before the story starts and some parts of the country/world are unlivable (too hot/dead). I really liked this. It was highly entertaining and kept me going the whole way through!

There are a couple of reveals that are truly stomach-turning!

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for providing a digital eARC to read and review!

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