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This is a collection of short stories by the creator of Ok2BeFat that comes with trigger warnings. Spacesuits contains multiple important ideas that are stated wonderfully. As a fat person myself, I understand exactly what it feels like to be invisible, yet feel very visible at the same time. Society frowns upon fat, looks down their nose at its untidy existence, makes jokes, points fingers, yet you are dismissed as sexless and undesirable, overlooked.


The author mentions Wall-E, the cartoon about a futuristic Earth where humans left because the planet was poisoned. We eventually see that all the remaining humans became fat and can’t even bother to lift a finger or walk anywhere, and are shuffled around on hovering easy chairs. I remember this being a great joke to those around me, but I also remember thinking, that’s messed up.


The author also asks where are the fat girls in Star Trek. As someone who adores the franchise, I can only assume, as does the author, that the future has cured fat and it would be “solved.”


“These stories are born of my rage and frustration and terror.”

“A culture that wishes us erased from existence is a choking poison that I am forced to breathe every single day.”



This is a story about a future where being short is desirable and a beauty expectation. Operations, exercise equipment, a strict nutritional regimen, are ways those growing taller can force their unruly bodies to conform.



This is a disturbing story where people who refuse to “conform” to BMI standards are given the worst jobs and are not considered citizens. People are pressured to “volunteer” to be implanted with devices that monitor their steps, what they eat, what stores they go into.



In this futuristic story, a character is part of an underground that helps other people who are not BMI approved. The main character has been implanted with a device that ruined their taste buds and controlled their lungs when they were anxious.


There is great LGBTQIA rep. I think this is an important addition to feminist and fat activism literature. It is a short and quick read that packs a punch. I hope the author continues writing. I will buy and read for sure!


You can find the author at Twitter, at her website, or at her YouTube channel.

Gorgeous cover by Jen Lightfoot.


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