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Ah, the money in co-pays I’ve spent this past couple of months just to find out I have a common health condition: Aging. After x-rays, MRIs, and a CT scan, I have been informed I have “degenerative disc disease” (which isn’t an actual disease), and includes bone spurs, a couple of synovial cysts, and other near-incomprehensible terms such as spondylosis. Oh, and apparently, I’ve had scoliosis but no one has ever told me. I guess it’s so common, it’s not worth mentioning (sarcasm).


Treatment is – I’m too young for surgery, so physical therapy (and massage therapy if I can pay for it), over the counter pain medication, stretching, perhaps future steroid injections, and just live with it until I can’t function or work or do normal life stuff. I guess this is my introduction to chronic pain.


Thankfully, it is bearable. I feel it every day, but I can survive at current pain levels. It causes irritability and depression, but hey. It could be worse, right (sarcasm)? I was told the cause could be genetic or just the luck of the draw. I was in the military and have a sedentary job for almost a decade now. There hasn’t been any major injury that would ring bells. I just seem to have advanced wear and tear on my neck and spine.


My symptoms? Weird cracking neck noises, headaches, numbness in arms and hands occasionally, pain in upper thighs, lower back pain. Sometimes I am in pain after grocery shopping and now I know why I hurt so bad when flying because to stay in one position for long periods of time is triggering. At work, if I am standing in one spot and talking to co-workers for even fifteen minutes, my lower back starts to hurt.


It’s kind of depressing to know that I have a condition that is painful, but not painful *enough* to do anything about! It feels so typical of my general life vibe, though.


Anyone else have this? Back pain is supposedly the second most common issue people go to doctors for outside the common cold!



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