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A few weeks ago, I got word that my application to All in the Pantheon had been approved! The site is a huge collaboration of writers voicing Greek Gods, Goddesses, Muses, and more. The premise is that Zeus called us all back to find jobs in the mortal world and become relevant again. Many had been lost in various revels and journeys, but now it’s time to interact and live amongst you!




Not everyone is pleased about this, and we are a varied bunch, with some innocent and some far from it (looks at Eros). There are warriors, witches, scholars, healers, death, life, love, hate, partying, wisdom, anything you can think of.


The scribes are members from Twitter’s writing community. Some of the stories use established mythology and some are embellished a little. It’s a blast, especially when you get to play around with a character because there isn’t a lot of history. Like my goddess, Amphitrite. She is a Nereid and wife/consort of Poseidon, but I get to reinvent her because not a lot was recorded in ancient texts about her.


how you doing


So I’ve made her a huge flirt, flamboyant, confident, sexy, a partier, willing to push the limits with glee. Basically, she’s my complete opposite! Here is Amphitrite’s Bio page and my FIRST POST was recently published!


The Song of Delphine


Please check it out if you can. I’m proud of the finished product, and it was my first attempt at a re-telling of a historical myth!


I highly recommend following the posts at the site. The scribes are incredibly talented and I am honored to be a part of this wonderful project!



All in the Pantheon links:
Website | TwitterGoodreadsFacebookInstagram


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