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From Amazon, “A collection of 32 poems written by mother and son examining love, family, breakups, mental illness, sexual health, self-confidence, and abuse.” I purchased this to support a friend from Twitter’s #writingcommunity, CJ Landry. I have wanted to read more poetry also and this was a fantastic place to start.


I wasn’t disappointed. It’s hard to lay yourself bare for the world to see, and this is an assembly of raw and moving composition that is yearning at times, heart breaking, uncomfortable, raunchy, funny, romantic, and hopeful.


From “I’m Saying Goodbye” –

“i will love myself
as much as
my children love me.
as much as i deserve.
and know i deserve it.”


From “The Stark White Walls of My Mind” –

“trying to walk through life
but no one moves
out of the way.
guess this is what
feels like.”


From “Tired” –

“you will not touch me
with your creepy fingers.
skin that is dead.
lips that drip falseness.
heart that is stone covered
with plastic love.
don’t play the game with me.
you won’t win.
i’m better at this than you are.
i’m the master of disguise.
i change with every


I’m glad I read it.




CJ is a Twitter star, her accomplishments include being a Dumpster Writer, creating #5MinuteAffairs, as well as voicing the Goddess Hera with All in the PantheonYou can also find CJ at her blog.





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