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I have a new post up at All in the Pantheon and wanted to discuss it here too. It’s about Amphitrite many years ago when she walked among the humans and participated in a Yule Hunt. She hopes to summon a Chinese dragon and ask for a flaming pearl to give her beloved, Poseidon. The dragon is gender fluid and was lots of fun to write. Take a look if you will.



I slipped away some time later, eager to move forward and see if my quest was a futile one or perhaps, with a bit of Tyche’s luck, be a prosperous endeavor. My target was an East Asian (or Chinese) dragon. They were long and serpent-like, not the fire-breathing sort, but more spiritual in nature, with power over water. The gift for my husband would be impressive if I could acquire it. The flaming pearls they own are said to grant wishes and increase wisdom and luck to those deserving.


I found a small cave and entered, checking for wildlife. I removed an enchanted glowing orb from my pack and the tools I needed for the summoning: a seashell, herbs, a moonstone, and a small jeweled knife for the blood with which to ignite the spell. I used the dagger to slice open my skin and let the ichor drip onto the herbs in the shell. I ground it together with my fingers, reciting the incantation, and chewed the mashed poultice. I spat it out onto the ground and it ignited, creating a swirl of smoke, which tunneled up like a small whirlwind, before dissipating into the shadows.


The air shivered and blurred around an astral portal. I stepped closer and said, “Great One. I would speak with you if you allow it.” I bowed my head in deference to the beast. Dragons could live thousands of years, existing between the mortal world and an ethereal one.


All month there will be Winterfest posts from various Gods, Goddesses, Muses, and Primordials. These are talented writers from the Twitter writing community. You don’t want to miss out, so bookmark All in the Pantheon and start reading today!



*Banner is from and owned by All in the Pantheon. Used to support and promote the project.


(Also, I revamped my blog with a winter theme. I am loving it. What do you think?)


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