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Hey guys, I did a thing! Well, I published a short collection of poems at Smashwords. The poems are about depression, loneliness, weight, society, haiku, and #vss365 (Very Short Story). Here is the link to get Heart Full of Skeletons for free.


I’ll share one of the poems here.


Hard to Afford Life

It’s getting hard to afford life

Working just to pay bills, buy

Groceries, and the essentials

With nothing left to save

I don’t know what vacations are

Outside of the definition

It’s been over ten years since

I had one and none coming up

In the near future

Even with healthcare,

I can’t afford to go to the doctor

I’d like to see a therapist and

Go to physical therapy

But the co-pays are too expensive

I’m sick of hearing how we should

Eat healthy – and who can afford

To eat healthy

I don’t blame people for having to

Order off the value menu at a

Fast food joint

Processed food is less expensive

Processed life is easier

Then one spent thriving

Rather than just surviving

I don’t blame people for having to

Shop at big box stores

Where everything is cheaply made

But it’s all the average person

Can afford

Living paycheck to paycheck

And on credit cards

Do you love life or are you

In survival mode

In a constant state of fight or flight

Or frozen because you have no

Control over your life

Dreams long forgotten

Ambitions and creativity

Put aside just to make it

Through life

Are we having fun yet?


Anyway, if you like poetry (some of it is free form and some rhyming), give it a shot. It’s short if nothing else! 🙂 It’s also very personal and intimate. I guess I’m sticking my neck out here, especially since I am basically a new writer. But, it was also therapeutic. If you have depression or doubt yourself or feel self-conscious about the way you look, you might find resonance with some of what I wrote. (The cover art is by darksouls1 at Pixabay.)


Be well and happy reading – whatever it is you choose to read!

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