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Wayne is at Twitter and part of the All in the Pantheon project where mortal scribes speak for Greek Gods and Goddesses. However, this post is about his e-poetry book, available at Amazon for $2.99. The poems were written as a way to help with writer’s block. I especially enjoyed the limericks.


“There was a girl who loved Halloween

Her costumes were scary and mean

Until she met a guy with real fangs

They gave her great pangs

Now blood in the morning

is her caffeine.”


(I love vampires.)


“There once was a lady from Eaton

On moonlit nights she’d go get her beast on

She would find a stud who was bold

He thought he’d found gold

Then she’d show how werewolves

get their feast on.”


I really enjoyed reading this! It’s a quick read with romance, humor, fantasy, and more. Support indie writers!


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