I’m Shelly and my motto is: Bring on the Weird! At Goodreads, I’m a moderator of two groups: Dust Off Your MacHalo and Reverse Harem Revolution. I’m a wanderer at heart. I read everything from Young Adult to paranormal romance, fantasy, horror, dystopian, sci-fi, historical fiction… almost anything! My favorite book boyfriends tend to have fangs, my spirit animal is Grumpy Cat, I love potty humor, and…pizza is life. My Goodreads profile.

I love 80s music, especially goth. My favorite fandoms are Stranger Things, Star Trek, The OA, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Marvel (Thor Ragnarok), and X-Men.

I write here to express myself and open up on topics I can’t verbally communicate about in real life. I am very open-minded and tolerant. I try not to take things too seriously, but judgy people bring out the rage in me.

Update August 31, 2018: The blog name has been changed from Dust Off Your MacHalo to Grumpy Book Grrrl. While still a member of the Goodreads group, the general book tastes and blog topics have sort of branched off. So, while you will still see reviews of books read with the MacHalos, you will see a lot more Young Adult here and various other rambling topics. Thanks for following! It is sincerely appreciated!



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Hey! I’m Kira. I’m a member of the MacHalo group, not a mod like the rest of these guys. I’m an insomniac who reads by night and by day too because I’m a librarian and can read at work. My job is awesome like that. I read a lot because fiction is often better than reality. Romances are probably my favorite but I prefer dark, paranormal, historical, and mafia ones. Contemporary is too boring and ordinary unless there is a taboo twist. My other love in terms of book genres is urban fantasy, preferably with vampires or the fae. I tend to go on binges and read a lot of one genre at a time. All series have to be read in order or it ruins the experience. I’m a complete and utter spoiler whore; I just can’t resist a good spoiler when I love a series. Writing reviews is something I do for fun or to vent after a bad book. You can follow me on Goodreads.



Hey all!  I’m Jessica. I’m a member of the MacHalo group. I’m a mama, wife, herbalist, and pregnancy/birth worker. I am also a lover of books, swear words, and bourbon. It’s all about balance right?!  I read to unwind and decompress from my daily adventures. Fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and paranormal romance are my favorite genres, but I’ve been known to thoroughly enjoy some thriller/mystery or contemporary stories. My bookish pet peeves are instalove, love triangles, the great misunderstanding and things left unsaid. I will read on my phone, iPad, or listen to audiobooks. My favorite is still holding the actual book and turning the pages. You can find me in the MacHalo group or at